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Hartford Police Chief Announces New "Safe City" Plan
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L-R: Mayor Eddie Perez and Police Chief Daryl RobertsL-R: Mayor Eddie Perez and Police Chief Daryl RobertsHartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts says his goal is to eradicate all gun violence from the city of Hartford. He says the city has seen a continuing decline in all major crime areas, yet gun violence continues to rise.

Roberts says that during an eight week period of March 16 through May 10th, there were 188 gun related incidents.

"We've been successful, but the plan will not work unless the people in the community decide to work with us, and realize the value and the importance of life. When you pick up a firearm, and you shoot someone, you change your life and that person's life forever, and young people don't realize that."

Roberts says the new "Safe City" plan would enable officers to be out on the street more often, at peak hours when crime occurs.

The plan also calls for developing community relationships, and soliciting help from state police.

City Mayor Eddie Perez says despite a challenging budget year for municipalities, Public Safety is a priority in Hartford. The department has accepted 80 new officers this year, and will hire 30 more next year.