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Hartford Implements Emergency Curfew
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Mayor Eddie Perez and Police Chief Daryl Roberts announce a curfew for teens in Hartford: Photo by Marie KuhnMayor Eddie Perez and Police Chief Daryl Roberts announce a curfew for teens in Hartford: Photo by Lucy Nalpathanchil After a weekend of multiple shootings in Hartford that left one dead and ten others wounded, Mayor Eddie Perez has announced a 30-day emergency curfew. The city also wants more help from the state.

The city is taking several steps to deal with recent gun violence including the enforcement of a curfew already on the books. Mayor Perez says the curfew will begin this Thursday and anyone under 18 will not be allowed on the streets after 9 pm unless they're accompanied by a parent or guardian

The decision comes after eleven people were shot this weekend in three different incidents. 

Six victims, all under the age of 18 were injured after the annual West Indian Pride Parade on Saturday the shootings happened in daylight at roughly 6:30 pm.

No suspects have been arrested in the parade shootings but Mayor Perez says 21-year old Ezekial Roberts, Who was killed, was the intended target.

"The shooting at the West Indian Parade we believe would likely never had happened if the state had done its jobs and locked up Ezekial Roberts who was on a 12-year probation and has been arrested by Hartford police multiple times over the last six months since being put on probation for an association of a stabbing in East Hartford."

Hartford State's Attorney Gail Hardy says if the city was concerned with Ezekial Roberts being on the streets, Hartford Police had the power to keep him behind bars the last time he was arrested." 

"He was arrested and had his bond set at $50,000 by the Hartford Police Department which he posted." 

Hardy adds the State's Attorney's office has always partnered with the city to make Hartford safer and it will continue to do so.