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Group Advocates More Spending for Public Transportation
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An advocacy group says with rising prices, Congress should allocate more money to improve public transportation.

A report by Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, Or ConnPIRG, finds that the average household in Connecticut has spent more than $1500 on gas since February.

AAA statistics in Connecticut show the price of gas in the State has risen from $3.00 and $0.18 a gallon in April, to $3.96 in May, an increase of more than 13% in one month.

With prices like this, ConnPirg's report finds that more Americans are taking public transportation.

Campaign director for ConnPirg, Jeffrey Czerwiec says Connecticut's congressional delegation is considering a bill that would allocate $2 billion to public transportation agencies across the country.

"People are really looking at what other opportunities are available. Until we can provide them with more alternative transportation options, they're going to continue to hurt."

Czerwiec says the state could receive about $19 million. If the bill passes, towns and municipalities would see an immediate cash flow in the next two years to work on public transportation.

A report by the U.S. department of Energy says that gas prices were higher than average in areas without robust mass transit.