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Governor Rell to veto state bonding package
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Governor Jodi Rell: WNPR Governor Jodi Rell: WNPR Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell is expected to officially veto the state bonding package approved last month by the legislature. As WNPR's Av Harris reports, Rell and Democratic leaders appear no closer to agreement.

The one meeting Rell convened at her residence this week to offer Democrats a compromise bonding proposal was not even attended by House Speaker Jim Amann. Amann wants Rell to meet only with Democrats who control the general assembly, and objected to the presence of Republican leaders. Rell says the Democratic bond proposal, 3.2 billion dollars in total, borrows too much money for roads, bridges, clean water, school construction and other infrastructure and has too many pet projects for lawmakers' home districts.

Speaker Amann counters that Governor Rell can simply let the bonding bill become law, then simply decide not to borrow money for the projects she finds excessive.

Amann says Democrats in the House have the votes and are eager to override Rell's veto of the bonding package. In the Senate, Democrats are one vote short. The lone holdout: Waterbury's Joan Hartley. For WNPR, I'm Av Harris