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Governor Rell: Providers Will Come to Charter Oak Plan
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In response to criticisms of the State Charter Oak Health Care Plan,  Governor Jodi Rell says there's still time to build up the provider network.

Lawmakers say they're concerned about health care providers and hospitals not joining the network in time to accommodate the people enrolled in the Charter Oak plan.

Governor Rell says she expects more providers to participate in the plan by September 1st, the day the next wave of enrollees is scheduled to receive coverage.

"We have all of that time in there to bring hospitals on, and the doctors come with those hospitals, and we continue to sign them up... daily. "

So far, only one hospital is participating in the new plan which took effect on July 1st., and only 24 applicants have been accepted.

State Senator Jonathan Harris, chairman of the Legislature's Human Services Committee, says health care providers aren't joining the network because the reimbursements for cost of care is too low.

"The administration is telling the hospitals and the providers that they have to be responsible for collecting the deductibles, the co-pays, the co-insurance. And there's going to be a certain percentage that they're not going to collect, so they're actually getting medicaid-light, there not even getting medicaid rates. How can you run a business by getting under 70% of your costs?"

Harris says Charter Oak should be stand on it's own and not be attached to the State HUSKY health insurance program, which insures about 340 thousand children and adults.

Under Rell's plan, the three participating private health insurers, Aetna Better Choice, Americhoice, and the Community Health Network of CT, must agree to cover patients in both programs.

The Governor's office expects as many as 19,000 people to enroll in the Charter Oak plan by the end of the year.