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GE Announces Partnership in Microscopic Imaging
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General Electric’s healthcare division is launching a new partnership that will develop technology to allow doctors to share and transmit images of microscopic human tissue.

Fairfield based GE will partner with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the 40 million dollar project. They’ll establish a new company, Omnyx, to develop and commercialize technology that will capture digital images of human tissue from microscope slides. This will allow doctors to store and share the information, allowing consultations with colleagues all over the world.

It’s a developing field, with several other companies already scanning biopsies to make digital images, but the technology currently available is comparatively slow. GE says it wants to speed the process as a way of capturing market share.

The partnership will mark a significant new direction for GE Healthcare, which has recently turned in poor financial results. Profits at the division fell by three percent last year, and CEO Jeff Immelt has said he expects only single digit improvements in growth this year.