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Funding Changes For Magnet Schools May Force Tuition for Students
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Suburban districts may have to start paying tuition to send students to New Haven’s inter-district magnet schools.

Connecticut has been supporting voluntary inter-district magnet school programs for over 20 years. After the landmark Sheff vs O’Neill desegregation ruling, the number of interdistrict partnerships expanded … magnet schools were seen as a way to reduce the racial and economic isolation of inner city school children.

Last year Governor Rell’s budget increased funds for public education….but at the same time, changed the way it funds magnet schools. Ed Linehan, former director of New Haven’s magnet school program says Connecticut has shifted the financial burden onto local school districts. If changes aren’t made to the law, he says New Haven will be forced to charge suburban school districts tuition for the students they send into the city.

"We would probably have to bill our partners somewhere in the neighborhood of between 4 and 5 thousand dollars per student."

New Haven’s magnet schools serve more than 4800 students, more than 1500 of which come from suburban school districts.