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Foxwoods Objects to Unionization
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The management of Foxwoods casino and officials from the United Auto Workers will be back before the National Labor Relations Board this week. The board will hear Foxwoods’ objections to a vote by dealers to unionize.

After dealers voted by a substantial majority to affiliate with the UAW last fall, the casino management lodged over a dozen objections with the National Labor Relations Board which oversaw the ballot. John Cotter, assistant regional director for the Board in Hartford says the objections fall into two categories.

One being whether or not there was some confusion created by the Chinese language used by the region in preparing the ballots, and the other principal issue has to do with alleged misconduct by representatives of the union in terms of threats or questioning employees either before or during the election.

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, which owns the casino says it views a union election under federal labor laws as an infringement of tribal sovereignty, but those objections have been rejected by the board. The NLRB has scheduled a three day hearing, and says the hearing officer should issue a report on the proceedings in around a month.