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It's no secret, Connecticut's roads have some bad drivers. There's nothing more frustrating than getting stuck behind someone at a snails pace in the left lane. Or being tailgated while you are doing the speed limit on some of our windy roads. Or how about that car that takes up two spaces in the front of the mall parking lot on a Friday night?

Share your bad driver stories on Twitter with #youneedallstar. The best story each week will win a $100 gas card. Together, we can let the bad drivers know that their bad habits are annoying, frustrating, and now will be shared with the world!

Car cut me off on I-84 #youneedallstar
Just saw a guy shaving in the driver's seat #youneedallstar
Wow, this car isn't even close to in the parking space #youneedallstar

(please wait until you finish driving to send your tweets!)