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West Lowe - Mark Twain
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West Lowe - Mark Twain

He didn't realize it at the time, but growing up an innkeeper's brat provided West Lowe a childhood lifestyle not unlike that of Tom Sawyer. Summers at Lake Waramaug, with its creeks and forests...and limited parental supervision were key ingredients in his boyhood adventures. High school English introduced West to Mark Twain's classic books and fabulous wit and Twain has been his philosophical hero ever since. The inspiration to take a personal affinity onto the stage came about indirectly while attending St. Lawrence University. West reflects, " I wanted to pursue an independent study of Mark Twain, particularly his lectures and speeches...but I wanted to complete it without writing a paper!" He found a professor who signed on to the project...with a theatrical impersonation as the final presentation to be graded. The research began and by mid-semester a script of original Twain dialog had been loosely assembled. A three-piece white suit was donated, and a classmate in theater volunteered to help with the make-up. The work culminated in a three-night run at the University Coffee House...and an A+. For the next thirty plus years, wherever life took him, West brought the white suit and make-up kit with him. He has preformed as Mark Twain before young and old, in theaters of the same description... bringing America's foremost author and humorist to life before captivated audiences. Now a Norfolk resident, West recalls the first time he saw the, then abandoned, stage at Infinity Hall. "For the next few nights I dreamt that I was performing on that stage. The Hall was just as it is now: full of color and life and laughter...I've been waiting for this opportunity ever since."

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Infinity Hall
Rt. 44
, CT
1 866-666-6306