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The University of Saint Joseph presents the 2012 Annual Religious Studies Lecture - Michael J. Baxter, Ph.D.
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Who should Catholics vote for? Where does the Church stand? These are the questions that flood newspapers, radio, and blogs during an election year. In this lecture, Dr. Michael Baxter, visiting associate professor of Catholic Studies at DePaul University, argues that these questions should themselves be challenged and critically examined. He will advance a probing critique of the way that partisan politics have overtaken the life and mission of the Catholic Church in this country. Additionally, Dr. Baxter will offer an alternative of political community - one that is more traditional and radical than the conventional politics we encounter, and must endure, during national elections; one that reclaims our identities as Christians, Catholics, and resident aliens of the earthly city and modern empire we call "the United States of America."

Venue Information
Univeristy of Saint Joseph
1678 Asylum Ave
West Hartford
, CT
1 860-231-5299
Presenting Organization
Univeristy of Saint Joseph
1 860-231-5299