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A Time for Stories
Ticket Price: $5 Adults; $6 Kids.
For Tickets, Contact: Venue
Janis Four Hearts Whispering Us

"We tell our stories to entertain, but they do much more than that. They  teach life's important lessons -- to young and old alike. Stories can explain the     natural world around us and connect us to our past” (Janis "Four Hearts  Whispering" Us, Mohawk-Shinnecock descent).

Stories are traditionally told as the days grow shorter and the winds blow colder. During this special time of year, gather with storyteller, Four Hearts Whispering at IAIS and enjoy her delightful and heartwarming traditional Native American stories. There will be a short intermission break where children will be invited to participate in a simple craft.  Program runs from 1pm-2:30pm              Please call for reservations.