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"Time Stands Still" Concert II

The second “Time Stands Still” concert concludes the festival-conference on Notation in Musical Practice, showcasing works selected from a large pool of guest submissions, and addressing various aspects of non-conventional musical notation.


Notation is a rich, mutable, and complex area of musical practice, in which composition, theorization, writing, and performance overlap and converge. The “Time Stands Still” festival-conference brings together musicologists, performers, composers, and theorists to consider the nature of notation in the early 21st century. “Time Stands Still” combines talks, workshops, discussions, and performances. Paper sessions and roundtable discussions will be held on both days, all open to the general public.


“Time Stands Still” is part of “Music & Public Life,” a year-long campus and community-wide exploration, celebrating and studying the sounds, words, and spirit of music at the local, national, and transnational levels through concerts, workshops, gatherings, and courses, all designed to cross disciplines.

Venue Information
Memorial Chapel
221 High Street
, CT
1 860-685-3355
Presenting Organization
Wesleyan Center for the Arts
1 860-685-3355