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Sundanese & Javanese Puppet Plays
Ticket Price: $2 Wesleyan students, $3 all others

The Indonesian Performing Arts & Public Life Symposium concludes as the Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble, under the direction of I.M. Harjito, and guest musicians accompany two genres of Indonesian puppet play: Sundanese “wayang golek” and Javanese “wayang kulit”. Using three-dimensional rod puppets from the West Javanese puppetry tradition, guest puppeteer Kathy Foley will tell stories drawn from the epic “Mahabharata.” Sumarsam will tell a story from the same epic, using two-dimensional puppets from the Central Javanese puppetry tradition.

The Indonesian Performing Arts & Public Life Symposium is part of “Music & Public Life,” a year-long campus and community-wide exploration, celebrating and studying the sounds, words, and spirit of music at the local, national, and transnational levels through concerts, workshops, gatherings, and courses, all designed to cross disciplines.

Performance begins at 8pm.