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Stone Wall Building Workshop
Ticket Price: $300.
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Andrew Pighills

On April 28th - 29th, 2012, Andrew Pighills, expert stone artisan, will teach a two-day, weekend long workshop on the art of dry stone wall building at Stonewell Farm in Killingworth, CT. 

Participants will learn the basic principles of stone wall building, from establishing foundations, to the methods of dry laid (sometimes called dry-stacked) construction. This hands-on workshop will address not only the structure and principles behind wall building but also the aesthetic considerations of balance and proportion. 

The workshop is open to participants 18 yrs. of age or older, of all levels of experience.  The cost of the workshop is $300.00 and is limited to 16 particpants.  Pre-registration is required

Venue Information
Stonewell Farm
39 Beckwith Road
, CT
1 860-322-0060
Presenting Organization
Stonewell Farm
1 860-322-0060