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Serenity Award Presentation to Lori Leyden, PhD of Newtown, CT Humanitarian Healer, Speaker and Author
Ticket Price: $10. - $20. donation

 Center for Serenity will present psychologist Lori Leyden with the "Serenity Award"  for her transformational work with genocide survivors in Rwanda, her leadership in trauma relief efforts in Newtown, CT, and her vision of creating global healing.  

Dr. Leyden first traveled to Rwanda in 2007 to work with genocide survivors, among them 550 orphans at the Remera Mbogo High School.  Dr Leyden  taught the orphans the Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), which combines "tapping" on different acupressure points with verbal affirmations. By 2008, they reported a "90% reduction in traumatic outbreaks" at the school.  Because of her success in Rwanda, Dr. Leyden was asked to come to Newtown, CT, after the shootings at Sandy Hook School in December of 2012. Training a group of volunteers to assist her, the Project has aided hundreds of people affected by the tragedy, including medical examiners, first responders, teachers, therapists, school staff, friends, parents and siblings of the children who were killed. 


Dr. Leyden has a vision of showing youth around the globe how to be "trauma-free and heart-centered."   As she says, the " future of our world lies in the hands of our children, our next generation of leaders."  Director of Center for Serenity, Lynn Johnson states "We  are deeply honored to have Dr. Leyden accept the Serenity Award 2014, and are blessed to have a private look at the film documenting her important work."


Center for Serenity was founded in 1996 by a group of ministers and lay-leaders in the greater Hartford area, in order to provide counseling and education with a spiritual base.  The Center gives the "Serenity Award" to those who have "inspired us with their acts of courage,and bring more peace, beauty, healing and wisdom into the world."  Dr. Leyden will be the thirteenth person to receive the award.