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"Photo Voices" Exhibit
Ticket Price: Free and open to the public
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Norwalk from the point of view of students involved in the Norwalk Housing Authority’s Learning Center Photography Club will be on display at the Maritime Garage Gallery as part of the Norwalk Parking Authority’s Art in Parking Places.  “Photo Voices” will open on Tuesday April 9th with a reception from 4:30pm to 7:30pm at the Gallery and runs until May 24.

Kindergarten through 7th graders, residents of the Norwalk Housing Authority’s Washington Village, were asked to uncover their sense of identity and raise awareness of issues they face in their community through their photography.  The “Photo Voices” exhibit includes more than 40 works that explore multiple facets of community life including the topics, “A Positive Look At My Neighborhood”, “The Change I Want To See” and “The People of My Neighborhood”.