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This Old House and The Stories it Once Heard
Ticket Price: $35/per child for puppet & dinner- $15/per guest for dinner
For Tickets, Contact: Organization
Marilyn Price-Puppeteer & Storyteller, at Stanley-Whitman House





 This Old House and the Stories it Once Heard

Building puppets and telling stories with Marilyn Price, puppeteer and storyteller

At 3:30 a search through the Stanley-Whitman House begins to find puppet-making material! By 6:00 the puppets are ready and the puppeteers are excited to share a brown-bag dinner with their families and perform a puppet play! Of course, their puppets are new "take-home" friends!

Families and friends are welcome to join the puppeteers for dinner.  Either they can bring their own brown-bag dinner or for $15, the museum will provide their dinners as well.  The theater performance will follow.

$35 per child includes dinner and the “take-home” puppet.

Venue Information
Stanley-Whitman House A Museum of Early American History
37 High Street
, CT
1 860-677-9222
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Stanley-Whitman House
1 860-677-9222