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MiddletownRemix: Hear More, See More– A Festival of Art and Sound
Ticket Price: FREE!

After a year of exploring, sharing, and remixing the sounds of Middletown on the MiddletownRemix website (, celebrate the city’s acoustic identity at a festival featuring live sets by DJ Arun Ranganathan and Wesleyan student DJs; the world premiere of the sound installation "Lighthouse, beside the point" by Wesleyan University Professor of Music Ronald Kuivila; the world premiere of "MTRX" (2012) by Jason Freeman of UrbanRemix 

performed by Wesleyan's Toneburst Laptop & Electronic Arts Ensemble, directed by Assistant Professor of Music Paula Matthusen; a recreation of David Tudor's "Rainforest IV" (1973); a commissioned flash mob dance, choreographed by Wesleyan student Kelsey Siegel '13 to a hip-hop soundtrack incorporating sounds from MiddletownRemix; a North End Gallery Walk; two commissioned art/sound installations; and food trucks. For more information about the festival, please visit