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Lunch & Learn Series at the University of Saint Joseph on Tuesday, December 4 - Script Your Future: Medication Adherence
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Have you ever wondered about the health consequences of poor medication adherence or not taking medication as prescribed? The most recent data related to medication taking behaviors includes some startling findings - one out of three patients will never fill their prescriptions, and nearly three out of four Americans don't follow their prescribed treatment regimens. More than one-third of hospital admissions are linked to medication non-adherence. Patients may struggle with medication adherence for many reasons, and the consequences are serious - poor health outcomes for patients and increased costs for our health care system. In fact, medication non-adherence now costs us $290 billion annually - largely due to the increased costs of hospitalizations related to medication non-adherence.


Venue Information
University Of Saint Joseph
1678 Asylum Ave
West Hartford
, CT
1 860-231-5323
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Univeristy of Saint Joseph
1 860-231-5323