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Love, The Great Protector
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Our relationships can be a source of great delight and happiness, but they also can appear as problematic and painful. We can experience deep love for someone and moments later feel estranged and distant from them. How can we develop stable minds of love so that our relationships grow and deepen over time? By applying Buddha’s practical advice on love and getting to know our own mind, we can overcome all obstacles in our relationships and fully enjoy and delight in all of our interactions with others.

Resident Teacher, Eve Arias, will give a talk about love, desire and attachment and will share Buddha’s practical advice on how to improve and enjoy our relationships.

After the talk, live love songs and delicious desserts (including fruit/chocolate fondue!) can be enjoyed in the relaxed atmosphere of the café.

6:30 Talk on love with Resident Teacher, Eve Arias
7:30 – Live music and desserts!

Venue Information
Odiyana Center
52 National Drive
, CT
1 860-268-7251
Presenting Organization
Odiyana Center
1 860-268-7251