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Live at the Edmond Town Hall...Bill Frisell and Sam Amidon
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Bill Frisell and Sam Amidon


Bill Frisell possesses one of the most unique guitar voices in all of music. A distinctly vast and haunting strain of Americana always underscores his playing, no matter the idiom in which he finds himself (jazz, rock, country, folk to name just a few). As described in Jazz Times: "he has an airbrushed attack, a stunning timbral palette and a seemingly innate inability to produce a gratuitous note."

Sam Amidon is a folk artist originally from Brattleboro, VT. In reviewing his 2010 album "I See The Sign," Pitchfork wrote: "as a vocalist, Amidon is preternaturally calm, and his flat repetition of certain couplets feels mesmeric and mantra-like. He's poised, but never cold, and [this] can play like a gospel record, with all the attendant modes and lessons. These are songs to live by."

Proceeds from this show will go towards the renovation of the Edmond Town Hall Theater. Your patronage will help restore this historic building for generations to come.

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Edmond Town Hall
45 Main St
, CT
1 203-216-8207
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Live at the Edmond Town Hall
1 203-216-8207