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Litchfield hills archaeology club lecture series: “Connecticut Yesteryears - The Walum Olum”
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Where did the early Connecticut Native Americans come from? 

Did they migrate over the Bering Strait? 

How did they navigate the North American continent and did they encounter any resistance?

John Lee’s power point presentation “Connecticut Yesteryears - The Walum Olum” will discuss that controversial account of indigenous peopling of North America.  John’s talk is based on  Connecticut Yesteryears So Saith The Wind “by Alfred P. Knapp, a book published in the early 1900s which recounts the origins of the Lenni Lenape of New Jersey and New York, and the Mohicans and Pequots in Connecticut.  The story was passed down through oral legend with the recitation of  Lenni Lenape pictographs drawn on wooden tablets, called the Walum Olum.  The account gives credence to the theory that Connecticut Indians  were part of a large migration from the west in prehistoric days.  Their close alliance accounts for the high regard that CT. Indians had for the Lenni Lenape, referring to them as the “grandfathers.”

John Lee, is a resident of Warren. Ct. and a retired school administrator who has taught Native American Literature and Culture to high school students.   Lecture starts at 3pm.