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Lecture Series with David Dunlop: “Moving the Boundaries of What We Know, the Story of Art”
Ticket Price: $10 per person member, $12 per person non-member
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David Dunlop

In this lecture, David Dunlop explores how we represent what we know. How do we recognize something?  How do we convert recognition on to canvas or paper? How can we expand the limits of knowledge by creating new categories? This brief history of art takes us through our adventure in picturing for the past 50,000 years and reveals how we are the same.  Here is a look at how art can show us what we have never imagined to be true, to be present, and to be all around us.  Here is how art works on us and comes out of us. 

For tickets call (203) 966-6668, ext. 2 or order online