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Harvey Hubbell, Dislecksia:The Movement
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Harvey Hubbell

Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30pm, Emmy award-winning filmmaker Harvey Hubbell will discuss the making of Dislecksia: The Movie and host a panel at the Warner Theatre’s Nancy Marine Studio Theatre in Torrington, CT.  The event is part of UConn Torrington Litchfield County Writers Project’s spring series, and is free and open to the public.


Dislecksia: The Movie is a comic documentary on the often misunderstood subject of dyslexia. Its mission is to create public awareness by demonstrating what dyslexia is – not a sign of stupidity as so many believe, but a need to learn in a different way. It helps parents, educators, and communities to learn how to identify those at risk for dyslexia, understand the vast impact when dyslexia goes untreated, and help dyslexics themselves recognize that they have the potential to learn successfully, but that they have to learn in a different way.


Harvey Hubbell uses his own experience of dyslexia to explain his reasons for making the film: “Growing up, I had a spring in my step and not a care in the world. Then I went to school. In 1966, when I was six years old, I remember my teachers having a meeting about me, and saying, ‘He can barely write his first name.’ In 2003, my crew and I decided it was time to make a film about dyslexia and show how things had changed since I was in grade school. Since nearly one in seven students has a form of dyslexia, teachers must have new ways of teaching, and the world must be a better place…right?”


Hubbell wants his film to revolutionize learning: “Almost everyone in America has a dyslexic in their family, has friends and colleagues who are dyslexic, or is dyslexic themselves. I hope that after seeing this movie, every one of them will say, ‘Now I know why Tommy can’t read – and I know what to do about it.’”


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Warner Theatre's Nancy Marine Studio Theatre
68 Main St
, CT
1 860-626-6812
Presenting Organization
Lichfield County Writers Project
1 860-626-6802