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Futurecast features a diverse group of artists who have made work for this exhibition addressing the unprecedented weather patterns that have become a new reality for Americans.

From the flooding in New York City, the coastal devastation in New Jersey and Connecticut, relentless rain and forest fires on the West Coast and the droughts, tornados, fires and floods testing the middle of the country there exists a new anxiety about the future of our homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Many of us have learned to accept, rapidly, that there is no certainty about the future of our landscape. Drowning out the voices debating the existence of climate change is the glaring reality that change is already here. Featuring: Hilary Wilder, Bryon Finn, Sabrina Marques, Kevin Van Aelst, Lynn Palewicz, Stacy Fisher, Katya Kirilloff, Paul Duda and Noelle King. Curated by Ihrie Means.

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50 Orange St
New Haven
, CT
1 203-772-2709