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Free Solar Tour - Canton, Ct - October 5th
Ticket Price: Free


Canton House Has New Heating and Cooling Technologies

Saturday, October 5, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.

A Canton home with a large solar electric installation and exciting new heating and cooling technologies will be open for free tours as part of the 18th annual National Solar Tour.

The homeowners and PACE and Sierra Club volunteers will explain and answer questions about the home’s grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaics; passive solar; solar domestic hot water system and super-insulated green materials. Highly useful solar and other clean energy information will also be available.

A new 2013 “Solarize Canton” photovoltaic installation is more than 20 percent efficient; a Daikin super-efficient air source heating, cooling and humidity-controlling system reduces energy consumption even further.

The 2000 photovoltaic installation at this site has trackers on pole mounts which follow the path of the sun, moving from east to west.


A 2013 electric plug-in hybrid Prius and electric Tesla automobile will also be on exhibit. 

Other features of this home are: solar irrigation, a patio pool solar pump; solar hot water systems; energy-efficient appliances; a wood stove; window quilts; LED bulbs; a sun tube; an organic garden and an aquaculture pond.
To reach the Canton home, turn north onto Lawton Road at the intersection of routes 44 and 177. Travel for .8 mile, bearing left at the fork. Turn right at the top of the hill onto the dirt driveway and follow the parking signs, or park on Lawton Road.
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