Culture Connect Featured Event

DancEnlight presents Zen Landscape
Ticket Price: General Admission: Adult $25; Seniors $15; Students $10. Tickets are available online at and at the door.
For Tickets, Contact: Organization

Saturday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, March 23 at 2:00 p.m.


Artistic Director: Lorelei Chang

Guest Choreographer and Performer: Mai Nakanishi

Guest Musician: Joseph Getter

Lighting Designer: Karl Messerschmidt

Film Maker: Lorraine Young 

Over the years, Lorelei Chang has become increasingly captivated by the Japanese rock garden, Kare-Sansui, or dry landscape. During her most recent visit, the distinctive gardens along with the Japanese culture, its people and their way of life inspired her to create an exciting new dance production.  

While Lorelei was born and raised in China, she travels frequently to Japan and understands the intimate cultural relationship between the two countries. The "rock garden", though originating in China, was enhanced by Japan, which embraced its Zen nature and simplicity of design in harmony with the country's traditionally simple way of life. This principle is so infused in the Asian mind and soul, it is said that its painting, calligraphy, poetry, religion and meditation influence one another and thus are intertwined. 

The concert starts with a brilliant film by Lorraine Young. The dancers will be accompanied by long –time collaborator Joseph Getter playing beautiful live music. DancEnlight is thrilled to have the Chinese-Japanese guest performer and choreographer Mai Nakanishi returning for another inspiring performance.