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Cult Classics:GYMKATA


Cult Classics

GYMKATA (1985)

Thursday, March 14 at 9 p.m.

Carte Blanche: FREE | Members: $6 | Students & Seniors: $8 | Nonmembers: $11


ABOUT THE FILM: What do you get when you cross the skill of gymnastics with the kill of karate?GYMKATA! This is a movie packed wall to wall with ninjas, karate, bloodsport, gymnastics, barbaric Balkan warriors, amazing training montage sequences, a mute who randomly talks, a bad guy with two faces, cheesy dialogue, terrible acting and loads of action! One of the all-time greatest camp classics of the 1980’s, GYMKATA features former Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas as a master of a new form of martial arts that incorporates…you guessed it, gymnastics! Thomas plays Jonathan Cabot, the son of a former United States secret operative. His mission: infiltrate the (fictitious) savage nation of Parmistan to assist the United States government in dismantling their nuclear star wars program, shift the balance of power in the Cold War against the Communist Block and restore the sanctity of our nation’s future. In order to accomplish this feat, Cabot must compete in “The Game,” a brutal obstacle set amidst the Parmistan countryside in which “nobody lives and everybody dies.” Will Cabot be up for the task? Rated R | 90 minutes | In English

Venue Information
The Avon Theatre
272 Bedford St
, CT