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Connecticut restaurant notable for exceptional local food and sustainable practices


A state-of-the art sustainable restaurant in Washington, CT will receive PACE’s first Environmental Achievement Award on Sunday, February 10. Since it opened in 2010, the Community Table, whose mission is to prepare the highest quality locally grown and procured ingredients, has received many accolades for the culinary expertise of its chef and for its environmental practices. From the 18kW photovoltaic panels which supply about 15 percent of the restaurant’s power to the environmentally safe cleaning products, the Community Table is sustainably conceived, designed and operated.
Soy-based foam insulation is used throughout the building. The restaurant’s 12-foot communal table was made from a walnut tree felled in Kent and the bistro tables were made from black walnut collected from the restaurant property. Motion sensor lights in the bathrooms limit energy use, as do dual flush toilets and a waterless urinal. The dishwasher uses half the water of a normal commercial dishwasher. A meter monitors the water usage of the building.
Other features that merit PACE’s award are a natural flow, slow-draining septic system that doesn't add to city waste; recycling of leftover food by feeding the pigs raised for the restaurant; transferring compost to a farm for use in vegetable compost production; and recycling of all plastics and metals.
Community Table’s executive chef, Joel Viehland, most recently of Noma, Copenhagen’s highly acclaimed restaurant, obtains food from local farms and his own garden, and even forages for food with important health benefits and interesting flavors. By serving local, seasonal food, the restaurant lessens its negative impact on the environment. Ninety percent of the food used is from farms, mostly no more than 50 miles away.
“Never has a Connecticut restaurant employed more earth-friendly practices,” explained Judi Friedman, chairperson of PACE. Judi may be reached at 860-693-4813. This award is the first PACE award in its series for 2013. More information about People’s Action for Clean Energy may be found at