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Classical Music from the Baroque and Romantic Periods Concert
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Enjoy an afternoon of solo and ensemble music - classical, romantic, and modern including works by Telemann, Poulenc, Damaase, Chopin, and Piazzolla in support of Operation: Music Aid. Performing this afternoon will be: Linda Gaboardi and Stacey Severn on flute, Jeehyun Kim on piano, Franz Ryerson on cello, and Elaine Rodriguez on vibraphone. Light refreshments will be served. Drop in!

Operation: Music Aid is a non-profit organization, based in Madison, CT whose mission is to secure musical instruments of all types in order to help aid in the rehabilitation of our men and women who have been wounded while serving their country.  KeyboardsFor more information visit 

Venue Information
Edith Wheeler Memorial Library
733 Monroe Turnpike
, CT
1 203-452-2850