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Booksigning: Sting of the Heat Bug by Jack Sheedy
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Heat of the Sting Bug

Jack Sheedy will sign his new book Sting of the Heat Bug at 2:00 pm.

Jack's "Irish twin" Peggy went into an insulin coma in 1985 and died three months later. They shared a bond that no one else shared. As children, they spent hours watching ants, listening to the "heat bug" high in the trees on a summer day. As adolescents she tried to teach him to dance. As adults they were always there for one another. This memoir takes the reader on a personal journey of humor, poignancy and struggle that ultimately ends with a sense of hope. After reading Sting of the Heat Bug, you'll wish you knew Peggy.

"If you grew up in Smalltown, U.S.A.--and even if you didn't--Sting of the Heat Bug will take you home. Stealing strawberries, trying to make sense of the secret code of adult-speak, dealing with unexpected pain--it's all here. I highly recommend this book."
—Susan Campbell, award-winning former columnist at The Hartford Courant