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Booksigning: Severe Clear by Stuart Woods
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Severe Clear

Stuart Woods will sign copies of Severe Clear on Friday, November 23 at 2 p.m.

Stone Barrington is in Bel-Air, overseeing the grand opening of the ultra-luxe hotel, The Arrington, built on the grounds of the mansion belonging to his late wife, Arrington Carter. The star-studded gala will be attended by socialites, royalty, and billionaires from overseas. and according to phone conversations intercepted by the NSA, it may also have attracted the attention of international terrorists. The hunt to find them leads Stone into a complex web of deceit and misdirection, in a world where the intrigues of government intelligence collide with the clandestine machinations of the upper crust. As he draws nearer to his quarry, he realizes that the stakes are higher than anybody could ever imagine... and that the enemies he's seeking might just be hiding in plain sight.
To ensure the safety of his guests--and the city of Los Angeles--Stone may have to call in a few favors from his friends at the CIA. "--

And for the sailors and adventurers -- Blue Water, Green Skipper.

Woods had never owned more than a dinghy before setting out on one of the world's most demanding sea voyages, navigating single-handedly across the Atlantic. How, at the age of 37, did this self-proclaimed novice go from small ponds to the big sea?

"A well-told tale of adversity and triumph on the high seas, this fine work deserves a new and wide audience."--"Booklist"