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Blue Matters
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In their exhibitions, “Blue Matters,” John Harris and Kristina Kuester-Witt share the subjects of blue and matter, in two distinct bodies of work. Mr. Harris’ large-scale paintings focus his attention and ours on natural and organic abstractions, exploring water’s physical properties including reflection, turbidity, rhythm, and pattern by isolating a moment in time in a subject that knows nothing of constancy. The large-scale paintings expose various environmental complexities revealing the disguises of water.  Ms. Kuester-Witt, a painter and a print maker, explores the duality in aspects of human life. Neutral colored figures interact with various blue colored, undefined, material substances. The interactions occur with a variety of matter reflecting the counterpart or duality evident in the scene. Frequently an upside-down figure is employed as a metaphor further exploring the complexity of particular aspects of human experience.