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Art Gallery Purchase Party at University of Saint Joseph
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Art Gallery Director and Curator Ann H. Sievers has pre-selected a variety of artworks, any one of which would be a significant addition to the Gallery’s permanent collection. The works will be displayed at the Art Gallery without any indication of price, so as to encourage members to weigh each work’s aesthetic merit and usefulness to the collection. The evening of the Purchase Party, the Gallery’s Director will discuss each work of art, explaining how it would enhance the collection. Members will then cast a secret ballot for their first choice and the winner will be announced. This work will be purchased from a fund set aside from a portion of membership dues from Friends of the Art Gallery (but the amount of this fund will not be disclosed). Subsequent ballots will be cast if the first acquisition does not exhaust the fund and if there are artworks that can be acquired with the remaining balance.


Venue Information
University of Saint Joseph
1678 Asylum Ave
West Hartford
, CT
1 860-231-5743
Presenting Organization
Univeristy of Saint Joseph
1 860-231-5743