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Dodd Thanks Supporters, Offers No Endorsement
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Chris Dodd: Photo by Catie TalarskiChris Dodd: Photo by Catie TalarskiNearly one hundred community supporters, politicians and family members assembled in the back yard of Senator Dodds home in East Haddam. Although he received less than one percent of the vote in Iowa, Dodd said he has no regrets about running for president, and talked about the bold ideas he put forth in his candidacy.

"I'm glad i did it. I'm glad I tried. I think we did make a difference in part of the debate. I never trimmed my sails in anything I felt strongly about. Thats a good feeling to come off a race. You'd like to win it doing that but if you can't win it you'd like to know you were honest about your views and thoughts on where the country needed to go, on Iraq and the constitution."

Spending only 13 million dollars in his campaign, Dodd admitted he never had a chance to win.

"We didnt start high in the polls and shrink, we never really grew at all in the polls."

Calling all of the democratic candidates "good people", Dodd said he hasn't decided whether he will endorse a candidate, and that he has no interest in being Vice President. After a short vacation with his family, Dodd will resume his job as full time senator. Glad to be back in Connecticut, he said that great journeys that begin at home, end at home as well.

For a slideshow of pictures from Senator Dodd's gathering at his home, go to our WNPR Flickr page.