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Detective Receives 15 Months for Corruption
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Assistant US Attorney Nora Dannehy talking with reporters: Photo by Diane OrsonActing United States Attorneytalking with reporters: Photo by Diane OrsonJusten Kasperzyk pleaded guilty in October 2007 to one count of civil rights conspiracy and one count of theft of government property. According to court documents, Kasperzyk and another detective carried out a drug raid at a New Haven home in November 2006. They found narcotics in the basement, moved them upstairs and unlawfully arrested an individual who ended up spending almost a month in jail. Then in March 2007, Kasperzyk entered a hotel room without a warrant and seized $5,000. The money had been planted by the FBI. Rather than enter all the money into evidence, he stole $360, which he used for gambling. Following his arrest, Kasperzyk cooperated in a limited way, with FBI investigators.

At his sentencing in US District Court in Bridgeport, the former police detective apologized to his family and friends and said he’d made mistakes that he’d regret for the rest of his life.

"This is just outrageous."

Bridgeport resident Lyle Hassan Jones was one of several people who attended the court proceedings and expressed outrage at the sentence which was less than the federally recommended guidelines.

"To give him a slap on the wrist like this and say you gonna uphold the public interest. A cop that had this type of power, he took an oath to uphold the law."

But, Acting US Attorney Nora Dannehy said the government was satisfied.

"I think it does send a message to other police officers not to violate the law, but also recognizes the importance of cooperation."

Kasperzyk is the third police officer sentenced to prison as a result of an FBI probe into the New Haven police department.