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Democratic Voters Ready for Change
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 : Photo by Chion Wolf : Photo by Chion WolfRain, cold, and even a little thunder didn't stop John Wyatt from walking to the ballots from his home in Hartford.

"I would have come out and voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton even if there were a blizzard. Nothing is going to stop me from voting for history and for Hillary."

The democrats who filtered in to vote late in the morning said that their votes really did matter in the close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Emmanuel Johnson from Hartford considered the two condidates, potentially the first female or first african american president.

"Lets give a woman a chance. Woman is a mother. Mothers know how their children feel. When the men are out there doing their thing, mothers are home with the babies. Its too much of a men's world, and they're messing up out there. These are great United States. If Germany has a woman, Britain has a woman, lets see what a woman can do for us."

The rain picked up during the afternoon as Charles Weismann arrived at the poles. He had been to see both Clinton and Obama as they campaigned in Hartford. He's sticking with his original choice, Barack Obama.

"Don't get me wrong I don't put a lot of distance between Barack and Hillary, but I still think Barack's vision is more clear and more realistic than Hillarys."

Weissman's comments have been echoed by many democrats around the state. He says its a good time to have either the first female president or the first African American president of the United States.