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Cucia Park Latest Site Mentioned for Army Reserve Center
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Cucia Park in Middletown is the latest property to surface in an on-going process to find a place to build the new Armed Forces Reserve Center. The federal Base Realignment and Closure Act requires the facility to be built in Middletown by 2011.

Mayor Sebastian Giuliano says his advisory panel came up with Cucia Park after meeting to consider several sites.

The Army had previously shown interest in two sites, one in the Maromas section of the city, the other in the Westfield neighborhood. But the Corps backed down after being met with opposition from residents and some city and state officials who wanted to see the sites preserved.

Mayor Giuliano says Cucia Park may be a location that residents, city officials, and the Army Corps can agree upon.

"It's a piece of land that was left over from the Route 91 right of way construction project and the city of Middletown owns it. It's in the middle of an industrial zone. I think everybody is almost at a consensus. You know you go back and you say, 'let's take a couple of days, let's sleep on it. Let's make sure this isn't too good to be true.' To make sure that it is as viable as it originally appears."

Giuliano says Cucia Park came up after the size of the project was scaled back by Governor Jodi Rell.

Spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers' Louisville District, Ron Elliot says Cucia Park is one of many sites that have been recommended. Elliot says the Corps is in the process of creating a blog listing all the proposed locations and which will allow the public to write comments on the website. The Army will consider those comments and feedback from public hearings before selecting three preferred sites.

It will hold another public hearing next week. The Corps must find a site by the end of October.