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CMS Podcast - Sponsored by St. Joseph College new School of Pharmacy - 11/03/2010
St. Joseph College new School of Pharmacy opening in 2010, pending appropriate approval. Three-year co-educational PharmD program. Focus on your success at St. Joseph College. More at ... read more
CMS: Doubles and Doppelgangers - 05/07/2010
Last year i got hooked on an Irish writer named Tana French. Reading her second book, "The Likeness,"  I found myself struggling - just a little - with its major plot point. That there could be two people who so closely resembled each other that one could step into the other's identity and... read more
CMS: The Culture Dogs - 05/06/2010
  I think we imprint -- like baby ducks -- on certain movies. We see them at a certain moment in our lives -- usually somewhere in our youth -- when we're ready to love something a certain way.  So I was at one of those ages when I saw Richard Lester's version of the Three Musketeers. T... read more
CMS: Microlit - 05/05/2010
When we started doing this show, we met, right away, three very cool small Connecticut magazines. The cut-ups at The CuT -- an online magazine for and by Connecticut young adults -- instantly became our favorite essayists. Mark Oppenheimer and Brian Slattery from the New Haven Review are o... read more
CMS: Turtles and Bats - In Danger! - 05/04/2010
I've been reading and kind of cringing through Cormac McCarthy's brilliant novel "The Road."   As you probably now, it takes place in world for which the adjective "apocalyptic" is barely adequate. Very little is left alive and nothing is ever going to grow again. A man and his son stagg... read more
CMS: Policing Profanity - 05/03/2010
  The writer Steve Rushin has a great expression for those ellipses in print that say things like "F-----g." He calls it obscene hangman, after the old fill-in-the-letters game. That's funny, and it points out the absurdity - or perhaps the quaintness - of pretending that inviting you... read more
CMS: Tree Talk - 04/30/2010
Maybe we were crazy to think we could do just one Arbor Day show on trees. There's too much to talk about. There's the overall state of the state's trees and forests. And the the alarming new menace of invasive pests and diseases. There's also the fundamental mystery of trees. How do th... read more
CMS: Mind Games - 04/29/2010
Hypnosis is one of those terms we all throw around without necessarily knowing what the word really means. And, as we prepare to do this show, I'm far less sure I know what it means. Today's you'll meet two people whose jobs are very different but whose techniques may turn out to be start... read more
CMS: Symphonies and Sambas - 04/28/2010
Today we're talking about two kinds of music that almost could not be more different.  You'd naturally associate Trinity College with something like the War Requiem, Benjamin Britten's massive piece for orchestra and voice. Well, we're talking about the War Requiem today, but Trinity Coll... read more
CMS: The Heart of Beth Bradley - 04/27/2010
  We could make it about numbers. There are about 98,000 people waiting for an organ donation - that's not the kind of waiting you do for a pizza or Springsteen ticket. Every day 77 people get the organ transplant they need. Seventeen to 19 die waiting for the organ that never came. Ap... read more
CMS: Political Roundtable - 04/26/2010
This is an unusual year in Connecticut politics in so many ways.  Let's focus for a moment on two. It's unusual to have so few incumbents. Incumbents have so many advantages that it's big news when they lose. Although all five of our Congressional races feature incumbents, almost nothing... read more
CMS: Music Magazine - 04/23/2010
Music finds and feeds our better fools. That sounds like a famous quote, but I just made it up. But it's true. There is nothing on the back shelves of CVS that can turn my mood around as fast as music, and lately, I've been soothing myself with the jazz vocals of Dana Lauren, a Hartford a... read more
CMS: How New Haven Got Its Groove Back - 04/22/2010
We don't want to overstate how cool New Haven is, because there are lots of wonderful mid-sized cities around this state with their own colorful and interesting scenes. Middletown and New London, for example, are newly bustling these days. But New Haven seems to have made a whole group of... read more
CMS: Thomas Moore - 04/21/2010
Chances are, you were born in a hospital. Throughout your life, you will get some of your most important news in hospitals. News about yourself and your loved ones. Your babies will be born there. You might die there. Anytime you're in a hospital, you're probably fearful or hopeful or bo... read more
CMS: Live! in New Haven - 04/20/2010
Here is a semi-horrible admission. During four years of college here in New Haven, I all-but-skipped the Wooster Street pizza scene. I knew it was there, but I just couldn't be bothered to haul myself across town and wait in line for pizza. That was ... well, it was a long time ago. But i... read more
CMS: Allergies - 04/19/2010
Remember that 2008 movie "The Happening" where it turned out the trees were kind of rejecting us, trying to get rid of this pest, the human race. Except for Mark Wahlberg and Zoey Deschanel? Well, it's, um, happening. The trees hate us. And they are making us very sick this spring.My son... read more
CMS: A Shout Out to Debaters - 04/16/2010
It's getting to be an old story -- the way the highly verbal, thoughtful nerds from high school find lasting meaning in life, while the hugely popular handsome babe magnet jocks waste away in unrewarding auto sales jobs. Yes, it's an old story. An old, old, old story. Why do we former ner... read more
CMS: The Mystical Arts of Tibet - 04/15/2010
"Free of distraction, free of clinging, free of meditation. Beyond intellect: Remain in the state beyond intellect. Great Perfection. Selfless, unborn, free of extremes, inexpressible." Remain in the ineffable state of the Great Perfection. So says Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche. But it's so diff... read more
CMS: The Power of a Flag - 04/13/2010
It's hard to quantify but I think it's fair to say that people who come to the United States from other countries often think we're a little bit weird about our flag. It seems to them we display it more and argue about it more. It would make more sense if -- as was the case with Northern... read more
CMS: The Necessity (or not) of Critics - 04/12/2010
When I got out of college, I  knew almost nothing about the real world. Even more disturbingly, I didn't seem top know much about Western Civilization, despite all the time and money spent on educating me. In many ways, what I know today about Sibelius and Grieg and Degas and Bougoureau a... read more
CMS: Community Colleges - 04/09/2010
U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan said it best, "I simply want to celebrate the fact that right near your home, year in and year out, a community college is quietly—and with very little financial encouragement—saving lives and minds. I can’t think of a more efficient, hopeful or egalitarian mach... read more
CMS: What Shakespeare Sounds Like - 04/08/2010
Dankosky keeps his revels here to-day: Take heed Chion come not within his sway; For Dankosky is passing fell and wrath, Because that she in her blithe habit hath Left us now and fled to Moorish Spain She never had so sweet respite from rain. And jealous Dankosky would have the show... read more
CMS: Mechanics of Morality - 04/07/2010
What is a good person? Somebody who follows the rules? Which rules would those be? Morality is difficult to define and yet most of us agree there are such things as moral judgment, such things right and wrong. If we have those ideas and if some of them are darn near universal, where do th... read more
CMS: Political Roundtable - 04/06/2010
We knew 2010 would be a crazy year in Connecticut politics. But maybe we didn't know how crazy. In recent days, the front runner for the post of Attorney General has spent five hours in court answering questions about whether she's ever really been an attorney. It makes her nomination loo... read more
CMS: Baseball Codes - 04/05/2010
I have this vague impression, unsupported by anything, that NPR listeners are less likely to be avid sports fans. That's OK, because for years I wanted to do sports shows for people who care only glancingly about sports. Today is one of those rare days when a lot of things come together.... read more
CMS: Physicality of the Book - 04/02/2010
In the little Mexican beach town of Akumal, there's a grocery store, and in the grocery store works an American woman named Charlene. Charlene is in a wheelchair. She's from California originally, but she moved to Akumal long long ago after her first visit. Just went home and sold everythi... read more
CMS: A Gazetteer of Strange Science - 04/01/2010
We'd probably be better of talking about Sarah Palin or Ryan Seacrest or something today, but sometimes we like to do a show about some of the cool ideas we run across in our gleanings. This show episode started with the idea of mesofacts, which is information that changes over the durati... read more
CMS: The Wonderous World of Bugs - 03/31/2010
When asked what his studies of nature had taught him about the mind of God, the British biologist JBS Haldane is said to have answered, "He is inordinately fond of beetles." By which he meant that whoever made beetles didn't stop after making one kind. There are more than 40,000 different... read more
CMS: Avast! It's An Ocean Show! - 03/30/2010
As the weather warms up, we turn our gaze toward the sea. Maybe not so much today, but in general, I think we do. And as we shift our gazes to the sea, it is important to remember that Connecticut has been home to pirates and privateers. And it is important to sing sea chanteys. Or at lea... read more
CMS: Groovin' to that Beatnik Jive - 03/29/2010
I seem to have a small, slightly resentful story for every occasion. It's about 1969. I'm 15. Making my first pass through "On the Road." I don't know what to make of it exactly. It's so wild and expansive and my life, at that moment, is so confined and cautious. I'm visiting a friend wh... read more
CMS: The Perfect Heist - 03/24/2010
True story - when I was growing up, my father and his mother-in-law (my grandmother) didn't exactly dislike each other. They just had nothing in common, nothing to talk about. Which was a problem because, for years, he gave her a 25-minute car ride five days a week. One day, as they pass... read more
CMS: Bling and Benz in 2010 - 03/22/2010
Rich people and Connecticut politics are not total strangers. Because I am 117, I remember politicians named Lodge and Alsop. I remember Weicker and the series of Fairfield County opponents to challenge Chris Dodd in previous years. Guys with no political experience, but some money with w... read more
CMS: The Genius in All of Us - 03/19/2010
This is sort of a horrible story. When I was entering a new school in the 7th grade, we were given IQ tests and somehow, by accident, the results of those tests were left in a folder that was handed to my parents. Not just my results. The whole incoming class. My mother was exactly the w... read more
CMS: Music Magazine - 03/18/2010
Today on the show, we're going to put that whole notion of the universality of music to the test. Tania Miller comes in as a candidate for the Hartford Symphony conductor's job. She currently holds the baton of the Victoria Symphony. She's young enough to have grown up digging Def Leppard... read more
CMS: Mr. Smarty Plants - 03/16/2010
The idea that plants are pretty much inert seems to prevail everywhere but in science fiction -- and sci fi comedy -- where Triffids and Killer Tomatoes and Audrey II and Pod People are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. A few years ago "The Happening" laid an eggplant at the box office... read more
CMS: Math for the Nonmathletic - 03/15/2010
Ten or 15 years ago, when I was in my forties, I agreed to take the SAT's again and write about it for Men's Health. Long story short, I got an 800 on the verbal, because -- really -- what else had I done for the intervening 20 or 30 years but move words around? On the math, not so much. ... read more
CMS: Welcome to 2030. - 03/12/2010
This is the one conversation we're going to have today that will be held in 2010. The concept for today's show came out of one of the dangerous meetings we have where we try to think of ideas we can't easily do. We decided to assemble a show that takes place in the year 2030. At first, th... read more
CMS: Magazine - 03/11/2010
Sometimes we like to introduce you to a series of people doing new and/or interesting things here in Connecticut. So that's the plan today. You'll meet Deborah Hornblow who has just launched a new central Connecticut Arts and Leisure online magazine and Tim Coffey who took stunning portra... read more
CMS: Triumph of the Nerds - 03/10/2010
As Huey Lewis once sang, "It's hip to be square." The problem was, of course, that it was Huey Lewis, which is somehow not all that reassuring. And yet there is a growing sense these days that the nerds are inching toward culture dominance. I mean, one of the good things about being a ner... read more
CMS: A Pen Warmed Up in Hell - 03/09/2010
"Everything is changing. People are taking comedians seriously and politicians as jokes." A timely observation, had it not been made by Will Rogers about 100 years ago. Rogers also said nothing important is ever left up to a vote of the people. He's a good example of the tradition we will... read more
CMS: Oscar Recap - 03/08/2010
If I seem a little crabby this morning, it's because I've already had to listen to a 40 minute soliloquy from Bill Curry about how much better Avatar is than The Hurt Locker. And he hasn't even seen The Hurt Locker. He thought it was a chain of stores where they sell sports equipment and b... read more
CMS: Motherhood Out Loud - 03/05/2010
James Joyce said: "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother's love is not." There is something about motherhood, about a mother's love that often seems like the strongest force in the universe. Your mom will love you whether you deserve it or not. But all of... read more
CMS: Free-Appropriation Writers - 03/04/2010
Recently an acclaimed 17-year-old German author was discovered to have lifted passages from other sources. She was unapologetic. There is no such thing as originality anyway, she said, just authenticity. She's still in the hunt for literary prizes as some of the judges publicly acknowledg... read more
CMS: Evidence of the Afterlife? - 04/14/2010
Woody Allen said he didn't believe in an afterlife but he was bringing a change of underwear just in case. He also wrote of his fear that there was an afterlife but that no one would know where it was being held. In the 1980s, it was sort of being held in Connecticut -- a hotbed of resea... read more
CMS: Going Organic - 03/02/2010
I keep thinking we'd all feel a little saner if we produced a little more of our own food. You're never gong to get the supermarkets out of your life, but I've been looking at my own scrubby little quarter acre of God's green earth and wondering why I don't grow a little bit more to eat on... read more
CMS: The Pint Man - 03/01/2010
I've never thought of it quite this way before but there is, of course, a gigantic trope in literature having to do with pubs and taverns and bars and other drinkeries. James Joyce and Flann O'Brien and Fred Exley and Charles Bukowski and JP Donleavy ... I could go on. The pub is, after a... read more
CMS: Black 47 - 02/26/2010
What does it take to make it as a musician in Connecticut? Special guest host Anthony Fantano explores the question with Larry Kirwan, frontman of the influential Irish rock band Black 47. Black 47 will play the Half Door in Hartford, Saturday, March 6 at 9:30 p.m. Also, a discussion wi... read more
CMS: Magazine - 02/25/2010
Should Doris Day get a special Oscar? How did foreign correspondent Paula Butturini use food to heal the wounds of war? And on an extended edition of "Let Us Correct You," Herb Reich has written a book about common misconceptions. If you think George Washington was our first president, St.... read more
CMS: Connecticut State Troubadour - 02/19/2010
One of the nice things about this program is that we're not always thinking about the things everybody else in the news media is thinking about. In fact, we almost never are. But it is right that we check in, every so often, on the world of public policy and on some of the major debates gr... read more
CMS: John Larson - 02/19/2010
One of the nice things about this program is that we're not always thinking about the things everybody else in the news media is thinking about. In fact, we almost never are. But it is right that we check in, every so often, on the world of public policy and on some of the major debates gr... read more
CMS: Defining Freeganism - 03/26/2010
One "advantage" of financial setbacks is that they retrain your eyes to look at the curbside. If you're young and underpaid, recently separated, or laid off, you're more likely to understand and appreciate the amazing world of stuff people are getting rid of. Just because it has become wo... read more
CMS: Eavesdropping on the Brain - 02/17/2010
We know that music has a tremendous and not entirely logical impact on the brain. I've been noticing that lately, as the skimpy, but important musical part of my life seems to be the only thing that beats the late winter blues. But today we turn the question on its head. If the brain its... read more
CMS: Sea Tea Improv - 02/11/2010
A few years ago my son and I discovered the comedy improv scene in New York City, mainly at the Upright Citizens Brigade, comedy birthplace of Amy Poehler, and at the Magnet Theater, where one night we paid five bucks to see a group named Four Track and wound up repeating one of their rout... read more
CMS: Repressing the Depression - 02/10/2010
Earlier this year, I became entranced by the 75 year old story of Four Saints in Three Acts, a Virgil Thomson - Gertrude Stein opera whose world premiere was here in Hartford in 1934. Beyond that lay a bigger story of the way America culture and Connecticut specifically rose to the challe... read more
CMS: Monthly Music Mayhem - 02/09/2010
Wally Lamb and I have known each other for 20 years, but I think I wasn't REALLY a FOW -- friend of Wally -- until "The Hour I First Believed" came out in galleys and I got my copy with a two-CD set of songs Wally believed I should be listening to while reading the book. It wasn't that big... read more
CMS: Sebastian Giuliano - 02/08/2010
Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano on the tragic loss of life at Middletown's Kleen Energy and his hope to move forward in the aftermath of Sunday's deadly explosion. You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below or e-mail [email protected]... read more
CMS: Middletown Aftermath - 02/08/2010
We had a different show planned for today, but that's a small disturbance compared to what was visited yesterday on the workers at Middletown's Kleen Energy site, their families, the rescue teams and the people of Middletown. Today on our show, we turn to Middletown, an up and coming Conn... read more
CMS: Alternative Olympics - 02/16/2010
We kick off our Olympic coverage with guests representing the national grocery bagging championships and the World Rock Paper Scissors Society. Also Andrea Turrisi, a Hartford stylist who has coached Team USA in HAIRWORLD – the world championship of beauty. The Winter Olympics are basica... read more
CMS: Microarts - 02/05/2010
The national arts ecology is more fragile than since the Great Depression and the Fed's WPA. For dance, it's especially acute. The City of Hartford is attempting to secure Federal Stimulus Act monies for a round two of "arts and heritage" job grants, How about, instead, small strides loca... read more
CMS: Burials - 02/04/2010
A confession. This is not my favorite topic in the world. Mike Wallace once asked Woody Allen if the latter hoped to live on in the hearts and memories of his fans. "No," said Allen. "I hope to live on in my apartment." That's right about where I am too. The only burial custom I find at a... read more
CMS: Our Inner Voyeur - 02/03/2010
A few years ago -- my son was 14 or 15 -- we were in the audience of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy improv venue in New York City. Onstage was a spoof called "The Paris Hilton Sex Tape -- with Director's Commentary," which involved imposing the usual pretentious director's commenta... read more
CMS: Film Talk - 02/02/2010
We don't have that many rituals that bind us together, but the Academy Awards sort of fill that role for some of us. We use movies to help us dream. And then we find out what the "best dreams" are. Today, NPR's David Edelstein will lead us through the Academy Awards. And then he and I and... read more
CMS: Manufacturing Depression - 02/01/2010
During the political season of 1996, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the nation's inexplicable and unshakeable good mood. It was hard for Bob Dole and other challengers of incumbency to make any headway, the article said, because people just seemed to feel pretty OK about... read more
CMS: Deconstructing the Amistad - 01/29/2010
Robert Wolff studies collective memory. It's a relatively new field that works to deconstruct historical narratives of the past and critically examine how stories are told and who's telling them. Wolff is currently working on a larger project focused on the Amistad and the abolitionis... read more
CMS: R. Nelson "Oz'' Griebel - 01/29/2010
You've probably heard some of the stories about Oz Griebel. The time he foiled a bank robbery by a fake Santa Claus and battled with him on the back of of moving truck full of dead Christmas trees. Or the time when, dressed as a bear, be bounded out of the woods to wrestle an inhaler away... read more
CMS: Advice Columns - 01/28/2010
When we noticed that Theaterworks in Hartford was staging a one-woman show about the life of Ann Landers, it made us think about the modern state of the advice column. Ann and her twin sister Abby are gone, but that kind of column is not. In fact, it seems to flourish on the internet which... read more
CMS: Manners in a Digital Age - 01/27/2010
In the movie Gran Torino, the character played by Clint Eastwood is appalled to notice his granddaughter texting during her grandmother's funeral. It just doesn't seem that improbable. Somehow, the digital age has cut loose a whole new howling wind on boorishness. At a more subtle level,... read more
CMS: Urban Biking - 01/26/2010
In 2009, I didn't get in my car very often. I found I could do most of what I needed to do on my bike. And, of course, that made me feel better in lots of ways. But you have to have a special kind of life to do that around here. My special kind of life was called joblessness. Connecticut... read more
CMS: Super Bowl Advertising - 01/25/2010
The single greatest Super Bowl ad ever, in my opinion, was not the Orwellian Apple ad but a spot for E*Trade in 2000. The look was that of an amateur video. The setting: a ramshackle open garage. A chimpanzee flanked by two blank-faced men, turns on a boom box and begins to dance to, I be... read more
CMS: Helping Haiti - 01/22/2010
In Mountains Beyond Mountains, his book about Dr. Phillip Farmer and Haiti, Tracy Kidder wrote: "The world is full of miserable places. One way of living comfortably is not to think about them or, when you do, to send money." For decades, most of us have been doing a pretty good job doing... read more
CMS: It's Snowmageddon! - 02/12/2010
Here's one of the small secrets of life. The best time to go grocery shopping is during the early stages of a big snowstorm, when the white stuff is falling. People clear out, and you can have the place to yourself. My mother, rest her soul, was one of the great snow panickers of all time... read more
CMS: Five Crazy Theories of TV - 01/20/2010
Here at the Colin McEnroe Show, we got a little weary last week of all the Conan-did-this and Jay-said-that. We wondered if there were any more creative ways of looking at the state of modern television. Or creative old ways. I say this because a lot of my own thinking right now is driven... read more
CMS: Connecticut's Clean Elections - 01/19/2010
Connecticut began the new century with a wave of political scandals and then passed the 2005 “Clean Elections” law to limit the influence of private money and get candidates out of the fund-raising business. In 2008, candidates made heavy use of the new public financing system, and the re... read more
CMS: Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? - 02/23/2010
OK, OK, I  admit, this is the weirdest show we've ever done. This is the kind of show Bill Curry yells at me about. But the minute -- at one of our planning sessions -- somebody said, "How do we know  this is reality?" we knew we had to do a "How do we know this is reality show?" At first... read more
CMS: Classic Gaming - 01/14/2010
Today's show has several elements, including, near the end, a rare chance to try what we call open lines. I'll have a few stray topics to cover in that stretch and I welcome your calls on other issues. We'll begin with one of those odd stories where fiction bleeds back into fact. It's the... read more
CMS: Susan Bysiewicz - 01/13/2010
Colin chats with Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz. Bysiewicz announced today she would drop out of the race for governor, despite a substantial lead in the polls. She will instead run for attorney general. You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below or e-mail [email protected]... read more
CMS: Great Unfinished Works - 01/13/2010
I started to think about this show when I read about author Larry Kramer, laboring to finish a book project called The American People. The book is already 4,000 pages long. Many of us have some big artistic project that never seems to get finished. That's a pretty common condition. But t... read more
CMS: Downtowns - 01/12/2010
When the talk turns to downtowns - especially in the northeast and maybe especially here in Connecticut - one word pops up in every conversation and document. Renaissance. If belligerent aliens flew their space ship over a northeastern city and blasted the whole downtown to smithereens le... read more
CMS: Making a Spectacle of Yourself - 02/22/2010
I got my glasses in the third grade. They're an accessory for me the way my spleen is an accessory for me. Eyeglasses send all kinds of messages, but we're not always sure what they are. The synergy between a face, its underlying personality and the frames you slide over the ears is prett... read more
CMS: New Eating Patterns - 01/07/2010
Diet guru Emily Brooks joins Linda Pitrowitcz from the Department of Agriculture to discuss Colin's ongoing diet. And WNPR's Chion Wolf tries a variety of whole foods and vegetables. Don't worry, Chion, we'll have the "sick" bags handy. You can join the conversation. What are you doing... read more
CMS: Richard Blumenthal - 01/07/2010
Richard Blumenthal is concluding two decades as Attorney General and launching a bid to replace Chris Dodd as Connecticut's U.S. Senator.  What about the compatibility of doing both of those things at once? Attorney General is kind of an odd job. The modern AG tends to get involved is a l... read more
CMS: Weicker on Dodd - 01/06/2010
WNPR's Colin McEnroe speaks with Lowell Weicker about why he thinks Sen. Christopher Dodd decided not to seek re-election in 2010. Weicker was a maverick politican in Connecticut - a former Governor and Senator, he formed his own "A Connecticut Party" - and has long been an independent vo... read more
CMS: Dodd Bids Farewell - 01/06/2010
Let me drop all pretense of impartiality for a moment and say this: Those of us who like and respect Chris Dodd are breathing a sigh of relief today. The one thing I didn't want to watch was Dodd running his Senate race all the way to the wire and losing. And I think that was a real possib... read more
CMS: Mushrooms are Mysterious - 01/11/2010
Mushrooms and fungi: these have to be the creepiest things we eat. They're not really fruits or vegetables. There's the whole thing where they grow on dead stuff. Some of them are flat out lethal poison. Others will make you see a balrog waving its flaming sword over Waterbury. Their who... read more
CMS: Trash Talk - 01/05/2010
We all know it. Especially at this time of year, we feel it keenly. We produce too much trash. I've tried to adjust my behavior a little. Canvas bags at the store -- when I remember. Composting. I live in a town that recycles pretty vigorously. Most weeks, my big green town-issued single... read more
CMS: The Einstein Question - 01/04/2010
Einstein lived a storied life. And in death, he's became almost superhuman. We venerate his intellect. We accept his theories without question. But is it possible that some of his most treasured ideals, some of his most fundamental contributions were ... well, wrong? Colin tackles that q... read more
CMS: Conducting with Tito Muñoz - 01/04/2010
Colin continues a series of interviews with the candidates who are speed dating the Hartford Symphony Orchestra to compete for the soon-to-beopen conductor's job. These conversations provide an opportunity to talk about the future of live symphonic music and about the increasing challenge... read more
CMS: Keep Smilin' Connecticut - 12/30/2009
It seems to me there are two questions we have to deal with today. The first is -- what does it mean to say the residents of a certain state are happy? (Or not happy)? In Gary Greenberg's soon-to-be released book, "Manufacturing Depression," he writes that "Am I happy enough?" is to a cer... read more
CMS: The Man Who Made Sherlock Holmes - 12/29/2009
“It is too little to say William Gillette resembled Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes looks exactly like William Gillette.” - Orson Welles The cape. The deerskin cap. The phrase "Elementary my dear Watson." All of these were inventions of William Gillette, the eccentric Connecticut actor w... read more
CMS: "Big Al" Anderson - 12/29/2009
Big Al Anderson played guitar for more than 20 years with the legendary rock band NRBQ, before leaving to pursue a career as a Nashville songwriter and sideman. He joins us in studio to perform live, explore his Connecticut roots and talk about what it was like to hit it big on the rock c... read more
CMS: Legalize Drugs - 12/28/2009
If you know anybody with a drug problem, the idea of legalization or decriminalization gets tougher to support. If you've seen a friend or family member lose months and years to a habit that interferes with productivity, progress, ambition, relationships, intellectual development, it's a... read more
CMS: Lost Art of Letters - 02/24/2010
I've got a folder containing memorable letters. The bulk of them are from Roy Blount Jr., pound for pound the funniest living correspondent in America. If anybody's doing a collection, I've got some doozies, all written of course before e-mail ruined everything. But what I'm really struck... read more
CMS: Poetics of Boxing - 12/22/2009
We kick things off with an essay by Thersea Cramer from the CuT Magazine. And then Andy Thibault joins poets Ravi Shankar and Amy Ma to talk about the Connecticut Young Writers Trust. On Jan. 15 the organization will hold a "Triple Knockout Event" featuring writing seminars and a celebr... read more
CMS: Spike Jones - 12/22/2009
Listening to Spike Jones, you realize that Will Ferrell and Saturday Night Live did not exactly invent cowbell humor. In fact, comparing one to the other is like comparing Maria Callas to Cher.  What you're struck by, listening to his berserk orchestral routines from the 1940s is (a) the... read more
CMS: The Culture Dogs - 12/21/2009
I saw three movies this weekend: "Avatar," "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and "Glastonbury Kids." I liked Avatar the least. I didn't hate it, and even if I did, I wouldn't say so here on the third floor of the Dankosky Building where Libby Conn has started a militant Avatar Fan Club. Believe me,... read more
CMS: Rocking Around the Holidays - 12/18/2009
There are some holiday songs that should banned. I'm sorry Burl Ives, but there's really no reason for anybody to have to hear "Holly Jolly Christmas" ever again. And Little Drummer Boy? There's almost no way to describe the sinking feeling that tune gives me. Except, well, to call it a... read more
CMS: Glastonbury Kids - 12/17/2009
After graduating film school, Justin Donais was looking for a project and began filming his younger brother and his neighborhood friends on a trip back to see family in Glastonbury, Conn. It started as a short documentary about young teen boys whose lifestyle was influenced by "Jackass,"... read more
CMS: The Great Organic Diet - 12/17/2009
Emily Brooks and Linda Piotrowicz continue the Thursday trend of giving Colin diet advice. With a background in culinary arts and holistic nutrition, Emily believes in eating whole unprocessed foods and, whenever possible, foods drawn from nearby small farm sources. And Linda, from the D... read more
CMS: Accents and American English - 12/16/2009
People who would never tolerate any other obvious form of prejudice often make an exception for accents. Something sounds smart in a British accent and dumb in a Southern accent, right? On the other hand, there's something genuinely funny about accents. And the more you know about them, t... read more
CMS: Hunting for Work - 12/15/2009
It's almost a year ago since the day -- December 23, 2009, but who's keeping track -- that my boss at the old radio station called me and told me they were terminating. And oh, would I be OK staying on the air for another week so that they could announce this on New Year's Eve? I remember... read more
CMS: Bring on the Birds! - 12/14/2009
The population and behavior of birds around Connecticut have both changed dramatically, often as a result of what appears to be a pincer movement of habitat destruction and climate change. As we know, you can't pull one animal out of the ecosystem jigsaw puzzle. What happens to one has im... read more
CMS: End of the Year Jazz Roundup - 12/11/2009
Do you get intimidated by jazz? I do. I started going to New York jazz clubs while I was in college, which was shortly after the close of the American Civil War. And I still don't feel as though I really know what's going on. Once, when the Hartford Courant jazz critic Owen McNally was s... read more
CMS: The Great Diet Experiment - 12/10/2009
Colin embarks on a bold and dramatic journey into the world of diet and exercise. And he invites you to come along for the ride. Today the diet starts with some basic measurements, but in the weeks ahead, Colin will explore ways to change permanently the way you eat, so that you feel bette... read more
CMS: The Word Guy - 12/10/2009
To who it may concern. Today's show is comprised of complaints about grammar and usage, and et cetera and so forth. Clearly, it is going to be better than any of the other shows on this station were today. (That's a reference to a listener complaint that people use the word "clearly" to p... read more
CMS: Exploring Connecticut's Roads - 12/09/2009
The Berlin Turnpike has changed a lot over the years. Hotels have come and gone and businesses -- from bowling alleys to diners -- have shuffled in and out. But one thing has remained constant - the road. Sure, traffic has decreased as highways developed, but the lure of the turnpike and... read more
CMS: Seahorses - 12/09/2009
We don't ordinarily like to pry into anybody's reproductive habits,  which is why our Tiger Woods coverage has been basically nil. But we're making an exception for seahorses today. I mean, who dances and mates for three days? I was at wedding in Detroit once that was a little bit like... read more
CMS: Holiday Blues - 12/08/2009
A long time ago we started a regular feature called I'm supposed to love it but I hate it. When we asked for ideas, we heard a lot about parades and clowns and Tom Hanks and ...well, the ideas were all over the place. But then the e-mails started to focus on one general area. New Year's E... read more
CMS: Bad Music in Public Places - 12/07/2009
When you hear a song on this show, chances are, I picked it out, maybe tracked it down on iTunes. There's at least one catchy song about every topic. We're talking about Seahorses Wednesday. There's one really good seahorse song. But today's show is about bad music in public spaces and I... read more
CMS: Worship Traditions - 12/04/2009
Over the course of a complicated life, I've sailed through the doors of an awful lot of churches and temples and mosques. I've been inside tent revival meetings and group meditations and well get the picture. I'm always a visitor. I don't really feel at home, but I've almost never... read more
CMS: On Charity - 12/03/2009
The people, who in my opinion, were the most confused about today's topic were the Puritans and any other immediate descendants of John Calvin.  Because, according to them, you really couldn't do anything to make God like you any more or any less. Grace was irresistible. Salvation was unc... read more
CMS: Theology with Bishop Rosazza - 12/02/2009
So, to get ready for today's interview for Bishop Peter Rosazza, I've been cramming. Tomas Merton, Thomas Moore, Marcus Borg, Yoda, you name it. But it's really Merton who seems best able to prepare me for this talk, and he has this lovely passage about not preferring things to people that... read more
CMS: Worship Music - 12/01/2009
So I used to room with a Jewish guy who played the French horn. And during the Advent season he would add himself to the brass choir at the local Congregationalist church. He really liked playing those carols. And he got along with the people at the church so well that inevitably someone w... read more
CMS: Prayer - 11/30/2009
So, OK, I don't pray. Not so much. And I can't really say it's working out for me. But I was up at a conference in late summer at the Omega Institute and I heard somebody talk about the idea of at least, at the start of every day, thinking a thought that connects you to something meta - G... read more
CMS: The Lure of the List - 11/25/2009
There are two kinds of people in this world. One, the kind of people who like to make lists. And two, the kind of people who know what Kohlrabi is. See, that's a flawed list. There's something wrong with it. But to figure out what's wrong with it, you'd have to talk to somebody who's good... read more
CMS: Obsession of Collection - 11/24/2009
You know how it is. You meet somebody. You hit it off. You meet for coffee. Maybe go for a walk in the reservoir. And then, one day, you get invited to his or her house. There you discover a collection of hundreds of dolls in glass cases. Dolls with very fixed stares. And it's like, "Aiii... read more
CMS: Into the Woods! - 11/23/2009
My knees are so creaky now that the days of five hour walks are over, but I wouldn't say I got short-changed on the woods of Connecticut. There are some magical places around here. But it's also true that some of our oldest and most-loved trails now seem to dive in and out of development... read more
CMS: Cartooning - 11/20/2009
I love cartoons and comic strips. I'm part of a small but crazed following that believes that Pogo, the creation of Walt Kelly of Bridgeport, is as profound and enduring a commentary as American culture has ever produced. You heard me right. I think Pogo, taken in aggregate, is as good as... read more
CMS: Twilight of the Polymath - 03/23/2010
My father was enamored of the Renaissance Man and wanted me to be one. You know how it is, when you father uses one particular phrase, over and over for decades, so that you know it's coming -- here it comes -- he's gonna say Renaissance Man! He took me to Annapolis so I could see St. Jo... read more
CMS: Sleep - 11/18/2009
Our romantic songs are full of sleep and dreams. An old saying, apparently from Venice, is "Bed Is Medicine." Sleep is desirable in so many ways. And for many of us, it is quite elusive. I never did sleep very well, but I feel, these days, as if every new addition to our culture is an arg... read more
CMS: Musing on the Mustache - 11/17/2009
OK, so moustaches. They aren't one thing. The droopy cowboy look of Sam Elliot is not the same as that weird pencil-thin under-no-circumstances-trust-me thing John Waters has. You can have a gray moustache -- like Dan Cain or Ted Turner -- and look just a tiny bit raffish. But a darker mou... read more
CMS: Political Roundtable - 11/16/2009
As a public radio listener, you probably believe that picking out a governor or a senator is serious business, worthy of sober scrutiny and not at all a matter for levity. You might want to skip today's show ... No, no, that's not right. But we ARE introducing a new political roundtable o... read more
CMS: Speaking on Snark - 11/13/2009
Lewis Carroll may have been the first to coin the term "snark" in his late 19th-century nonsense poem, "The Hunting of the Snark." What is snark? It's what Americans regularly see on The Daily Show and The Office. It's what Ambrose Bierce wrote about in his watershed 1911 satire, The Devi... read more
CMS: Conducting with Constantine - 11/12/2009
A live orchestra, playing great music with spark and cohesion and commitment, is such a mind-blowing thing that you understand, sitting the darkness, why people give over their lives to the whole concept, even in the teeth of a doddering economic model  and an audience shrinking faster tha... read more
CMS: Alchemy, Magic, Myth or Science? - 11/11/2009
For ages, humans have sought the Midas touch. Yet the ability to turn basic metals to gold still confounds scientists. We'll explore the history of alchemy with Carolyn Rebbert of the Bruce Museum in Greenwich. Their exhibit, "Alchemy: Magic, Myth or Science?" opened in September. It wil... read more
CMS: A Slice of Satire - 11/11/2009
Randy Cohen is former TV comedy writer who now publishes a weekly humor column for the New York Times Magazine. He's an experienced satirist who has won several Emmy Awards for his writing on "Late Night With David Letterman." Cohen also wrote and edited the News Quiz for Slate for two ye... read more
CMS: On Monsters ... - 11/10/2009
Comedian Mike Birbiglia, in his monologue about sleepwalking, talks of a consistently terrifying dream in which some kind of beast -- a jackal with wings -- hovers over his bed, poison dripping from its fangs. And a series of girlfriends learns to say, as he thrashes in terror, "Michael th... read more
CMS: Eating Animals - 11/09/2009
If you have any soul at all, you are going to have days when the whole issue of eating meat becomes, well, an issue. Unless you have already stopped. We know animals can suffer. And there is no way to eat them without  making them suffer. So you can be a vegan or a vegetarian. You can do... read more
CMS: Exploring Our Rivers - 11/06/2009
The point of any trip is partly the distance traveled, partly the sights seen, and partly something else that almost doesn't have a name. That third thing is an ineffable amalgamation of memory and shared experience. It's the person you met or the talk you had with your traveling companio... read more
CMS: Dancing with Judy Dworin - 11/05/2009
What I know about dance you could squeeze into a shot glass, but I have been thinking a lot lately about the performing arts. I've been thinking that they're necessary for all of us. We should all sing, dance, act, declaim and do comedy. If you go back 4,000 years, my sense is... read more
CMS: Pondering Poker - 11/04/2009
I don't play poker, and if I did, I probably wouldn't be good at it. But what if you were a college student, drawn -- as practically all college students seem to be these days -- into the world of online poker? And what if, instead of getting behind, you got ahead? What if your survived... read more
CMS: Spotlight on Local Elections Part II - 11/03/2009
We under value local elections. They get the worst turnout despite the fact that they may touch us most immediately. Low turn-out tends to concentrate power in the hands of small groups of single issue soreheads which can lead to bad results which can undermine people's faith in the proces... read more
CMS: The Ballad of Wendell Potter - 11/02/2009
Allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm Colin McEnroe. I'm 55. I have severe arthritis in my right knee. I take a statin. From the point of view of most health insurance companies, I'm an undesirable. Actually, make that ALL health insurance companies. More alarming still, I'm not really acti... read more
CMS: Chion Wolf Rockin' Halloween Eve Special - 10/30/2009
Halloween is the reason the American candy industry will never need a federal bailout. I mean, if we had a holiday when people had to hand out Chevys to kids who rang the doorbell ...well, I guess that really isn't practical. But Halloween is more than that. We honor the notion that the v... read more
CMS: Redundancies & Roman Coins - 10/29/2009
One of the questions to which I return has to do with who gets to decide the truth when the facts are murky. I've been talking to my own class at Trinity about this lately as we look at the way new crowd-driven information models like Wikipedia try to elbow out the experts. But it's as mu... read more
CMS: Bringing Back the Sonnet - 10/28/2009
Some years ago, my friend Humphrey Tonkin approached me -- and many other people in the Hartford community -- about a project. Each of us would be assigned a Shakespeare sonnet to record. There were politicians, writers, educators, savants. You never knew. One of the best readings came fro... read more
CMS: Is DNA Destiny? - 10/27/2009
Who is truly comfortable with his or her own genetic story? The idea that some recording angel of polypeptides has already written a good chunk of one's future is ...confining. We want to think we're in the driver's seat of our lives. I sent a sample of my saliva to a company called 23 a... read more
CMS: Talkin' Tea - 10/26/2009
For a lot of us, tea is a little like poetry. Maybe we think we don't want it. And then somebody hands it to us and we realize how good, how restorative, how subtle it can be. Last spring I was staying at a secondary school in Japan where Tea is offered as a course that one can take for s... read more
CMS: The Culture Dogs - 10/23/2009
A Maurice Sendak Book of very few words is now a 90 minute movie doing boffo box office. On television, Joseph Fiennes stopped being Shakespeare and started being an FBI agent unstuck in time, in what some people think may be -- Lord help us -- the new "Lost." Who can make sense of it al... read more
CMS: Big Brother Is Watching - 10/22/2009
I teach a class on new and old media at Trinity College, and -- even though it's not the exact focus of the course -- lately we've been kind of freaking each other out about the sheer amount of information we surrender voluntarily every day to platforms like Google and Facebook. As one of... read more
CMS: Playwrights - 10/21/2009
One day in the 1940s, the New York Times carried an article about man nobody had ever heard of, a man who had been living in a boarding house right here on Asylum Hill in Hartford. The man had been unfit for military service and had spent the years of World War II working at United Aircra... read more
CMS: Freemasonry - 10/20/2009
You know, at the age of 55, I am basically a seething cauldron of prejudices and foregone conclusions. I've made up my mind about all kinds of subjects. But when it comes to freemasonry, I am sitting on life's 50 yard line. I feel neither protective nor aggressive toward them. I have no r... read more
CMS: The Sinatra Show - 10/19/2009
My mother was a bobbysoxer. When Sinatra played Hartford, she and her friends waited at the stage door and followed him around, throwing snowballs at him. My father couldn't remember more than five words to any song, but he walked around the kitchen all through my childhood singing the be... read more
CMS: Take Me Out to the Ballgame - 10/16/2009
In my grandmother's Plainville apartment, right where any religious family would have some kind of votive statuary or icon, stood a foot-tall molded plastic of Ted Williams in full swing. For years, decades, the Splendid Splinter stood watch over us. These were mostly lean times for the cr... read more
CMS: Birthday Bash - 10/15/2009
OK, so there are several things going on  today. Yes, it is my birthday, and yes, we have declared it International Wear A White Shirt Day and, no, we have not figured out yet whether that was a really cool thing to do or whether we, here in the Dankosky building, are like some kind of fun... read more
CMS: Classical Conundrums - 10/14/2009
Live from the Asylum Hill Recital Hall where the WNPR Orchestra is tuning up to play Dankosky's Seventh -- The Symphony of Stress, it's the Colin McEnroe show. It's time to get serious about music. From the lovely, loneliness of Brahms, to the turmoil of Bowzer to the music written by i... read more
CMS: Memorization - 10/13/2009
I stored everything I needed to remember in a mobile phone device called a Sidekick. Maybe you've heard of them. They've been in the news lately because the system backing them up crashed. For me, six years of data, thoughts, ideas, lyrics, appointments, book titles, photos, numbers, email... read more
CMS: Monthly Music Mayhem - 10/12/2009
So one day a couple of years ago, I was using iTunes, and I looked at the little feature that tells you what you might like based on your recent purchases, the the number one suggestion was something by Vampire Weekend, and I thought, "Wow." ITunes thinks I'm ready to get into Vampire Week... read more
CMS: Evolving Art - 10/09/2009
Without really knowing very much about art, I've been hanging around museums for most of my life and, lo, after a few decades, I finally started having a few moments where I understood, in a flash, what was going on up there on the canvas. And I've tried to raise my son in much the same w... read more
CMS: Westledge School Lives ... - 10/08/2009
Westledge -- forty years later.   In the late 1960s, a group of progressive educators and parents founded an experimental school in the fields and woods of West Simsbury. No grades. Students setting most of the school's agendas. A mix of inner city students attending at no cost and afflue... read more
CMS: "Wannabe U" - 10/07/2009
So I teach one college class a year, at Trinity College. And one the first night, ever year, I tell them that I'm not a real professor and that therefore I am not wedded to the idea that there has to be a course taught by me and that people have to take it. It's not a default setting.  A... read more
CMS: Where's My Money? - 10/06/2009
OK, I admit it. I'm one of those liberal arts guys who, for many years, just didn't deal in any significant way with money, except in this Freud and Norman O. Brown driven way that amounted to not acknowledging its importance. Actually, I'm still not persuaded I was wrong, but as we grow... read more
CMS: The Secret and Public Lives of Bees - 10/05/2009
Winnie the Pooh thought the only reason for bees was to make honey and the only reason for honey was so that he could eat it. Nice bear, lousy scientist. But we're not here today to knock down the arguments of a stuffed animal. We're here to learn about bees -- from the role they can p... read more
CMS: I'm Dying Up Here ... - 10/02/2009
So a guy walks up to me on Asylum Hill and says he hasn't eaten all day. I said: "You should force yourself." I go to the track. I bet on a horse. In the race, the jockey's hitting the horse. The horse says, "Why are you hitting me?  There's nobody behind us." Comedy has been with us si... read more
CMS: The Fast Show - 10/01/2009
When I first moved over to public radio, I wondered if I'd ever do shows like the one I did in my old job. You know, where you cover a lot of different segments in much smaller bites. Public radio provides such a great opportunity to go into depth. It almost seems a shame or a sacrilege to... read more
CMS: Crowdsourcing - 09/30/2009
Crowdsourcing -- you may not be familiar with the term, but if you've rented a movie based on a Netflix recommend or read an article on, you're certainly familiar with the concept. It's the idea that on the Internet, the cream rises to the top. The masses will always gravitate... read more
CMS: The XX Factor - 09/29/2009
Sometimes they're funny -- as when they videotaped themselves trying to get through a work day while drinming as much as the characters do on Mad Men. Sometimes they're dead serious, as when one of them recently analyzed the 72-hour news cycle of the accusations of gang rape at a Hofstra... read more
CMS: The Coffee Show - 09/28/2009
From the moment the fruit of the coffee bush was first harvested and consumed -- probably in Ethiopia -- humankind knew it was dealing with some serious stuff. In some cultures, it was a religious beverage, banned from secular use. In others, it had political qualities, as it became a reas... read more
CMS: 2012 - Fact or Fiction? - 09/25/2009
Scholars are taking the whole Mayan apocalypse with a grain of salt, but many are convinced Dec. 21, 2012 spells doomsday. Colin speaks with a number of experts to clear the air around the 2012 myths. We'll talk about the history behind the legends and tell you what you need to be worried... read more
CMS: Puppet Apocalypse - 09/24/2009
Puppets! Aiiiieeeeeeee! Connecticut is home, for some reason, to a lot of puppets. A lot of them. Really a lot. What are they doing here? Do they hate us? Do they plan to drain our life forces and take over? Bart Roccoberton will talk about the joyous side of puppetry. He runs the puppet... read more
CMS: Sidney, Behind the Barking - 09/23/2009
Sidney, beloved dog of WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil, was recently featured on the cover of Weezer's new album, "Raditude," due out Oct. 27. Colin speaks with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo about how he chose the jumping pooch for his latest production. Later, Colin explores the dramtic narrat... read more
CMS: Canine Cognition - 09/23/2009
Well, there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that, no matter what you think, your dog Fluffy cannot really read the New York Times or follow the plot of most prime time TV shows. Except maybe "Two and a Half Men." The good news -- well, maybe it's good news -- is tha... read more
CMS: The Sentence - 09/22/2009
For writers, the sentence is the construction site. It's where you put on your hard hat and do the work of fitting and refitting, polishing and sanding, until to have something that is ... you know what? This sentence has gone on way too long. Sentences are still the basic unit of communi... read more
CMS: Get Healthy! - 09/21/2009
Cough in your elbow. Get a flu shot. Wash your hands long enough to sing happy birthday. Drink a little wheat grass every day. Practice safe sex. Never leave the house ... Everybody worried about germs and viruses, but as the peak season approaches, do we really know what we're doing? Sho... read more
CMS: Urban Farming and Growing Local - 09/18/2009
Colin welcomes Will Allen, winner of a 2008 McArthur "Genius Grant" for his groundbreaking work with Growing Power, an urban farming collaborative. We're also be joined in studio by Hannah Gant and Shannon Raider of the Four Fields Farm in Bloomfield. Mike Kandefer from New Britain's Urb... read more
CMS: Music We Love and Hate - 09/16/2009
Remember the good old days when there were basically forty songs you had to know about and any given moment.? And if one of them was Surfin Bird by the Trashmen, really you were down to 39 ... Now, new music flies at us from unseen corners, and you're more likely to be really into an indi... read more
CMS: Steampunk - 09/14/2009
Expert artist Joey Marsocci joins us to set the record straight. Marsocci exhibited several "steampunk" creations earlier this year in Middletown. He was recently selected as one of four Americans chosen to participate in an international steampunk exhibition in Oxford England this Octobe... read more
CMS: Blogging the News - 09/14/2009
On today's show we talk about blogs and blogging. Blogs have been with us since the late nineties, but they really exploded into the mainstream in 2004. Five years down the road, does this once-formidable form look like it's losing a little steam? Traditional media is in trouble,... read more
CMS: Mad about 'Mad Men' - 09/11/2009
This show is gonna be so easy a caveman could do it. Today we enter the world of advertising with actor Michael Gladis. He's not an Ad Man, but he plays one on television on the hit AMC series Mad Men. But what do real ad men, especially those who worked in that smoke and booze ridden Si... read more
CMS: Hatian Vodou and Zombies Too! - 09/10/2009
Usually, we get a little nervous talking about zombies sitting this close to the actuarial departments of several major insurance companies. But not today. Our thoughts turn both to zombies and to Vodou, the Haitian religion which spawned the original notion of them.  By the end of today... read more
CMS: Tattoos - 09/15/2009
From the lines and dots on the body of Otzi the Neolothic iceman to the tramp stamp barely visible on the bridesmaids dress, the urge to ink seems an inseparable part of the human story. But why? Why do some of us want to do it, and why are some of us repelled by the idea? Why did I get... read more
CMS: Spotlight on the Arts - Hartford - 09/08/2009
Can you tell it's time for American Buffalo? Theaterworks is staging the David Mamet play for the third time in the theater's history, and for the third time I have not been cast. Steve Campo, the director will join us to talk about Buffalo and an ambitious plan for his little slice of dow... read more
CMS: Culture Dogs - 09/04/2009
Who let the Dogs in? That’s the Culture Dogs -- Kevin O’Toole and Sam Hatch -- who join Colin for an hour of geeking out about what’s in the multiplexes and the new release DVD racks. Colin and the Dogs will also tell you what to watch for in the coming fall season.... read more
CMS: Handwriting - 09/03/2009
Do we even need handwriting anymore? Kitty Burns Florey thinks we do. In a world overrun by texts and emails, KBF is one of the last outposts of penwomanship. Call the show and tell us about the nun who made you the readable writer you are today. Also in studio, Terry Walters joins Colin... read more
CMS: What It Takes to Disappear - 09/02/2009 contributor Evan Ratliff has disappeared. On purpose. How hard is it to keep from getting caught, if you try to drop off the information grid? Evan’s editor from Wired visits the show along with Connecticut cyber-sleuth Bill Murray. Will TCMS producer Patrick Skahill try to fake... read more
CMS: Lary Bloom Talks Tom Ridge - 09/01/2009
Lary Bloom was the editor of Northeast magazine. He’s been a columnist for the New York Times Connecticut section and for Connecticut magazine. Fewer people know that he co-wrote Tom Ride’s new wave-making book The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege ... And How We Can Be Safe Again.  C... read more
CMS: Gail Collins - 08/31/2009
Colin talks politics and culture with NY Times columnist Gail Collins. Later in the show, an episode of "Back and Forth" with Trinity College professor Irene Papoulis. Colin and Irene chat about Archie comics, gender identity and Archie's recent marriage choice.... read more
CMS: The Art of Great Songs - 03/25/2010
The idea for this show came from several different moments. One of them was the culmination of the one and only season of American Idol I watched all the way through. On the final episode, Fantasia Barrino was the winner with, oddly enough, Jennifer Hudson finishing pretty far back in t... read more
CMS: Bracketology - 03/17/2010
Bill Curry joins comedian Julia Pistell to talk bracketology. What goes into predicting tournament winners? How much of it is luck? How much of it is skill? Every year, the madness gets madder. More pools; more brackets; less productivity in the workplace as the American people become for... read more
CMS: Reviving the Classics - 09/17/2009
He's a classics professor with an XBox -- and he doesn't play by the rules. Roger Travis teaches the ancient materials using the newest media. He's turned the classical world of the Greeks and Romans into online games. Hey, if you eat that bird you get five more spears! Also, he believe... read more
CMS: Living off the Grid - 09/09/2009
We have this image in America of the rugged individualist taking leave of society and all that binds us to our settled lives.  But then when somebody actually does this, I mean, for real, we're not always ready for that. That's what Mark Perry found out the first couple of times he tried t... read more