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Charges Filed in International Computer Fraud Ring
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Federal authorities have brought charges against 38 people in an international computer fraud scheme.

Law enforcement officials say an organized crime ring based in Romania and the U. S. used the Internet to steal identities, social security numbers and credit card information from thousands of American citizens. One counterfeit e-mail message appeared to originate from Connecticut-based People’s bank. An investigation revealed similar schemes against Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions. Nora Dannehy is Acting US Attorney for CT.

"The case itself I think is a good example that individuals attempting to launch frauds using the internet from overseas against United States residents and United States companies will not be able to avoid prosecution."

More than half the people charged are Romanian, though the scam also allegedly operated from Canada, Portugal and Pakistan. ForWNPR , I’m Diane Orson in New Haven.