About the Centers for Excellence

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network's Centers for Excellence showcase the best in national and local programming, online content, and education and community partnerships. Comprised of the Center for Arts & Culture, the Center for Children & Learning, and the Center for Civic Engagement, the initiative brings together content across television, radio and on-line and on demand offerings including streaming video and podcasts, to provide Connecticut residents with their news, educational and entertainment programming in a richer and more comprehensive format.

The Center for Arts and Culture
will celebrate creative arts and the art of performance, in order to engage and enrich both the participants and the observers.  The Center will also explore Connecticut’s rich cultural resources in order to strengthen collaborative initiatives among museums, performance venues, schools, libraries, historical institutions and other cultural organizations - helping them reconnect with and remain effective resources for Connecticut audiences. 

The Center for Children and Learning
will support programs for learning, encourage the exchange of ideas and create an informal source of intellectual and community knowledge. This Center will deepen CPBN's educational commitment to young children; engage middle school and high school-age youth; and gather adults to share in imaginative content across all media platforms.

The Center for Civic Engagement will focus on encouraging a more informed, engaged and involved citizenry. The Center will encourage open dialogue about community concerns across "boundaries" by bringing citizens from diverse backgrounds together to share their experiences and knowledge..