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CAPT Results Encourage Educators
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Hartford Superintendent Steven Adamowski and Commissioner Mark McQuillan: Photo by Kayla WiecheHartford Superintendent Steven Adamowski and Commissioner Mark McQuillan: Photo by Kayla Wieche

The Connecticut Academic Performance Test is given annually to high school sophomores across the state, testing students’ knowledge in reading, writing, math, and science. Results released Tuesday show that Connecticut students improved on last year’s scores in every area except reading, where scores stagnated. State officials are encouraged by the gains, though achievement varies widely by district and there remains a large gap between the test scores of white and Asian students and those of their black and Hispanic classmates.

For instance 90.2% of New Canaan students scored at or above the state goal on Mathematics, while only 13.9 % of Hartford students met the same goal.

State Education Commissioner Mark McQuillan noted that this year’s scores leave plenty to improve on for students and educators next year.

“The data, I think, speaks for itself. It’s not entirely consistent, but it’s up and moving in a direction that we’re happy about--which is not to say that we have complete perfection by any means because we have serious work to do always with the achievement gap. Our achievement scores for our English Language Learners suggest that we have even more work to do in the years ahead.”

Roughly 42,000 students took the test, which will be used to help determine which schools are in compliance with the federal no child left behind law.