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Bysiewicz Launches Investigation into Dead Voters
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Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has launched an investigation into why thousands of dead voters are still on local voter registries.

A University of Connecticut journalism class project found that hundreds of dead voters had cast ballots in recent elections.  Secretary of the State Byciewicz says the accuracy of voter registration lists is vitally important, especially with an upcoming presidential election.

"As we prepare for our national election it is  absolutely critical that we have clean, accurate voter lists.  This is a wake-up call to every  local election official in our state that sloppy lists will not be tolerated."

Every month town clerks are required by state law to provide updated citizen death notices to local voter registrars.  The registrar then removes a deceased voter from a central database.  Byciewicz says a breakdown in communication between the town clerks and the registrars led to the inaccurate lists.

She says the State Department of Public Health's consolidated master death file--dating back to 1974-- will be double-checked with the state's centralized voter registration database to fix any mistakes.  

The UConn study found no instances of voter fraud.