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Businesses Lobby for Status Quo in Workman's Compensation
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Business leaders have urged state lawmakers not to change the rules on workers compensation, and to hold the line on other costs as a recession looms.

Hundreds of business people converged on the capitol Wednesday for the annual Business Day – a chance to meet legislators face to face and air their concerns.  Governor Rell addressed the gathering, stressing once again the need for fiscal caution.

"Avoid overspending – this is a time of uncertainty and it’s not just in Connecticut, it’s nationwide, and you have to be very careful where you spend your money and what you do with it – you have to be responsible."

That message was echoed by John Rathgeber, the CEO of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

"The Governor has this year with a short session of the General Assembly, again made job creation economic growth the cornerstone of her platform.  She knows it begins by showing fiscal responsibility, by passing budget adjustments that won’t result in tax increases."

Meanwhile the CBIA has a very specific message for the general assembly – reject proposals for new workers comp mandates.  The bills currently under consideration would expand discretionary benefits and add new administrative requirements for employers.  The CBIA says the package could discourage new businesses from coming to the state.