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British terrorist suspect faces extradition to US
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A decision may come later this month on whether British terror suspect Babar Ahmad will be extradited to the US. Ahmad is accused of raising funds for terrorists through a website based in Connecticut. WNPR’s Diane Orson reports.

Computer expert Babar Ahmad has been fighting extradition since his arrest in 2004. His case is currently with The European Court of Human Rights. This is the last step in the appeals process. If the Court refuses to intervene, Ahmad will be extradited. He is one of three people charged in an investigation that began in Connecticut and has spread across the US, into Europe and Middle East. Ahmad is accused of using a Connecticut Internet Service Provider to create and run websites supporting terrorists. In August, more than 5,000 British citizens signed a petition protesting the extradition and calling for the trial to take place in the U.K. Ahmad is represented by British civil rights solicitor Gareth Peirce, who has worked on a series of high-profile cases. For WNPR, I’m Diane Orson.