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Bill Proposes Expansion of State Health Coverage
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State officials held a roundtable Monday on proposed legislation that could cut the health care costs for thousands of Connecticut residents.

For small business owners in Connecticut getting health care for its employees oftentimes carries a hefty price tag.

So House Majority leader Chris Donovan introduced a bill that will give the option to towns, non-profits and small business to buy into the state’s health plan.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz supports the bill. She says small business can enter the huge pool of 200,000 employees that the state already insures.

“This plan actually uses the bargaining power of the State of Connecticut and economies of scale to provide affordable coverage to small businesses.”

Bysiewics says while one company will have only a dozen employees, small businesses created 96 percent of the new jobs in the State over the last ten years.

Bysiewicz and Donovan held roundtables in five different cities around the state. Small business owners who attended the meetings were enthusiastic about the plan, asking questions about qualifications, cost and choice.

At one roundtable in Stamford, partners in a public relations firm calculated that they would see savings of fifty percent with the proposed plan.

The bill passed the labor committee last week. It awaits passage from at least another committee before it goes for vote on the house floor.