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Attorney General Sues Atlantic Wire Over Polluted Discharge
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Rain swells at Connecticut streamThe D.E.P. has negotiated penalties totaling more than six hundred thousand dollars with Allegheny Ludlum and Cytec Industries for water discharges into the Quinnipiac River, with Whyco Finishing Technologies for polluting the Naugatuck River and with Electric Boat for discharges into the Thames River. In addition the four companies
agreed to future penalties if the violations continue. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is suing Atlantic Wire Company of Branford seeking an immediate injunction stopping all discharges of any wastewater.

"It has repeatedly and chronically violated the law. Atlantic Wire would be required to collect and truck away all waste waters, any discharges until it has equipment on line."

Atlantic Wire Company issued a statement saying it is taking “accelerated measures to bring this matter to a swift and satisfactory resolution.”

The Attorney General lawsuit grew out of a citizens complaint filed by the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. C.F.E. Attorney Roger Reynolds describes the five companies as chronic polluters.

"We believe the government should have been enforcing in these cases and we want vigorous government enforcement with appropriate penalties so these corporations know noncompliance will not be tolerated."

Oswald Inglese of the D.E.P. says the agency is beefing up its enforcement staff.

"More resources would likely result in more kinds of resolutions and enforcement responses like we have seen today."

C.F.E.’s Roger Reynolds says his group plans to ask state lawmakers for more funding for the DEP so it can adequately enforce the law.