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Yantic River Floods, State of Emergency Declared
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The Yantic river is receding from it's peak of 13.2  feet above flood level yesterday, and the city of Norwich is getting it's first assessment of the flood damage there. WNPR's Ray Hardman has more:

The city declared a state of emergency yesterday morning, after the Yantic rose 11 feet above flood level.  Governor Rell dispatched 150 National Guard Troops to Norwich to help businesses and homeowners stack sandbags, and to evacuate residents. The Yantic would rise another two feet before receding last night. Gene Arters, Director of Norwich Emergency Management says Norwich won the battle, but lost the war against the flooding Yantic. Still, he says, it could have been a lot worse:

Arters  recommended this morning lifting the state of emergency for Norwich. Now damage assessment and clean up efforts are underway. This is the worst flood to hit Norwich since a major storm in 1982 crested the Yantic river at 15 feet above flood level.

For WNPR, I'm Ray Hardman.