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Yale World Fellows Program
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More than 100 emerging world leaders from a variety of fields are meeting at Yale University this weekend.  All have gone through the school’s special leadership training program.

Each year about a thousand people vie for one of 14 spots in the Yale World Fellows Program. Leslie Powell is outreach director. " These are not scholars. They are practitioners and professional in medicine, politics, business, the media you name it "

Fellows spend four months at Yale auditing classes and interacting. It’s a chance for people across a spectrum of disciplines to discuss important issues that face the planet..

Environmental scientist, author and filmmaker Tim Jarvis is a 2009 Yale Fellow. He goes on daring expeditions to polar regions, deserts, mountains and rainforests…then uses his experiences to raise awareness about environmental issues. Jarvis is currently preparing to recreate Ernest Shackleton’s  1916 journey to Antarctica, using an exact replica of the explorer’s boat. "And it was a journey that went terribly wrong when his boat sank and then he had to save himself and all of his men  from certain death.  And I’m doing that bit of the journey..I’m doing the saving himself from certain death bit of the recreation."

He says the Fellows program has taught him that to more effectively convey his environmental message, he should focus on one or two key areas. "One would be real pragmatic policy development that actually translates to real on-  ground action rather than talking. And perhaps a continued involvement in the film side of things, because film is such a powerful medium."

The Yale World Fellows Program aims to  create a network of global leaders who can work together to solve pressing world problems.  .